Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Little number of companies implementing their Travel and Expense Reporting Policies

Policy one of the main thing that most of the company must need to take to make the business have it’s control in the any part of the business company. One of the main policies of each business company is how to manage the expenses that they have. Expense management is one of the policies that is very important in the any kind of company in how big is the businesses is. Without the proper management in the company most of the personnel in the company have less time in keeping their tracks of their expense reports causing a big damage in the company.

According to Buying Business Travel, a recent survey of 200,000 employees showed that only 1 percent of workers were questioned after they submitted their travel expense reports. Meanwhile, the study also revealed that 94 percent of those who were queried still were reimbursed for travel expenses by their employers.

Report officials noted that many supervisors are hesitant to reject expense claims that fall outside of their corporate policies. While business expenses due to flight fees and hotel costs can add up, study administrators found that managers often allow workers to exceed approved levels rather than confront them about their expenditures.

How can companies lower their expenses? Every penny counts, especially in today's economic climate, and businesses that use top-of-the-line expense reporting software can reduce their operating costs. This platform makes it easier for workers to track their expenses remotely and could help firms effectively monitor how much workers spend on business trips.

Additionally, Certify is an intuitive system that is scalable for all organizations. Regardless of a business' budget, a company can use the solution to noticeably reduce its operating costs in a short period of time.

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