Sunday, September 29, 2013

Online Expense Approval does it Possible?

When you are up with your business one of the main thing that makes all your work delays all the time are the approval of your boss all the time but sometimes through the delays of the approval processing of some other data are being affected especially if you are on the business travel for a couple of days or a week that’s a lot of time for the delay and data to stay input in your office.

Since today most of the business are taking into the online world and every aspect of any business the technology is presence that is why technology today plays a big part of any kind of business small or big companies. For many companies in the business world every manager of the company must need to the gatekeeper of the company to prevent out of the policy or un necessary expenses of the employee in other world they will act as the controller of companies funds. At the same time, he should not be a bottleneck, but quickly approve expenses so that the employee can get their reimbursement check.

When there are 20 receipts stapled to a spreadsheet and receipts are missing or don't match up with charges, this is challenging. What's the limit on dinners again? And how much was their average nightly hotel bill? No matter, the manager has a meeting in 10 minutes so he rubber-stamps it for approval and gets on with his day.

Here are the ways how Certify approval works out:

1. Email Alert of Pending Report

2. Log into Certify to Review

3. Review Expense

4. Inquire About Flagged Expenses

5. Approve & Submit to Accounting

Why managers chose Certify because they can finish reviewing expense reports in no time, and feel certain the company has a complete expense report which is compliant with the company policy. Gone are the days of uncertainty and guess-work in expense reports.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Business Firms in Taking care of their Expenses

All throughout the entire operation of the company a lot of things are need to be done in the right place but somehow there are times that the company can encounter a rough situation but all of us are making great things to make our business are on stand in the market. When it comes to managing a business a lot of things are need to consider and one of this things are how to maintain the quality of the company in the market since a lot of challenges awaits you in the market it must need have a strong mind in the business the head of the firm that you have.

In the world today so many things have change especially in the world of technology. If you have noticed in the society a lot of people using the technology to enhance more the performance of their company. One of the companies need to level up are the entire operation inside and outside the company in managing the business that they have including putting the technology as the part of the entire work operation.

Inside the company one thing that needs to tackle all the time is managing all the reports that you have especially the expenses of the company. Every expense of the company place a big rule and too much expense can directly affect to the financial source of the company in the other hand limiting your having a proper expense management is the best way to make things inside the company organizes especially in dealing with the expense of the company.

If you have noticed today most of the company is using the different kinds of technology applications in their company especially in taking their business in the new world of internet to reach out more clients in their business that they have.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Automating Business the new Face of Technology

Many of the business today are turning their back for the expenses of the company that they have. Every expense in the company must need to be listed but somehow some of the employee dis obeys it leading the company in the bad situation. Every entrepreneurs and managers of the business are keeping the eye in expense reports of the company optimizing their expense reporting software toward the specific needs and tasks of their company.

Larger corporations are beginning to take advantage positive benefits that can come when they integrate their expense management systems with travel booking applications and other relevant tools, according to a report from the Business Travel News Expense Manager Survey. The poll found that 45 percent of respondents had integrated their travel and expense report systems with online booking, up from 34 percent recorded during the previous year. Six percent reported that they planned to install such technology over the course of the coming year.

"More companies are asking for T&E expense integration," said Anne Marie Razza, the vice president of products and strategy at Orbitz for Business. "Corporations are interested in the data analytics possible as a result of having both a T&E system [and a booking tool]. When they're integrated, [companies] get access to that data faster than they would independently."

For business owners and managers, the most important factor is the ability to track and verify costs as they occur in real time. Verifying a large amount of expenditures at one time makes it much easier to make mistakes, but when tracked in real time, improper costs are much more noticeable. With automated expense reporting software from Certify, individuals can log costs via their mobile phones as soon as they receive their receipt, and managers can track the costs beginning the very moment the image of the receipt is uploaded into the cloud.

"Now you're not just taking that $5 million [of spend] and signing your signature on an Excel spreadsheet and issuing checks against it," said Anthony Wessels, vice president of marketing at Coupa. "Now you're actually optimizing, looking at spend as a whole, taking the spend power you have and saving the company money.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Break Down in How your Automated Expense Reports Works

In our business there are a lot of things that are needed to do in order to make it work but somehow it takes a lot of effort and patients to make it right. Today most of the business company is using the technology especially in making their reports why not try to switch with the automated one. Absolutely with the hassles that you have in doing your reports why not to try to use automated expense reports.

Schedules automated expense reports

Certify helps your firm to establish a company-wide schedule by which automated expense reports can be completed – or, if you prefer, it allows each individual employee to set their own filing schedule. Certify’s ReportExecutive™ can adapt to whatever schedule works best for you.

Employees track expenses instantly

All your employees have to do to log their expense data is take an image of their receipt with their mobile phone. They can also scan, fax, email and text proof of their costs to our system - or even sync their corporate credit card to their Certify Account. No matter what mode they prefer, Certify’s system is prepared to accommodate them.

Email notifications

The program also sends automated emails to your employees, reminding them to add receipts and all expenses into their Certify Account before the filing date is reached, thus ensuring the prevention of overlooked expenditures.

Auto-generated expense reports

After all your expenses have been logged and the filing date has been reached, ReportExecutive™ will take all receipts and expense information in the program, and automatically create the expense report for your firm – no data entry on your part is necessary.

Employee-based reviews and submissions

Once the ReportExecutive program has filed your expense report, all the employee has to do is review the report, and verify its approval. Logging expenses has never been less time consuming than it is with Certify’s automated, streamlined software.