Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Small Business Report: Expense Management Trends

Companies of all sizes are spending more on travel and entertainment (T&E) each year. Analyzing data from our Annual Expense Management Survey (2015), this infographic illustrates how small businesses—with 500 or less employees—managed T&E expenses in 2014. Click here to see the full infographic.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Why Use Expense Report Software

Organizations today are using automated tools to have a clear picture about their spending process. Today, you can easily find software, apps and other computer programs that can help the administrators in your enterprise get aware about where the money is being spent via an automated tool accomplishing analytics and reporting.

When making use of expense report software, you will find it very easy to accomplish the following: Keeping track and approving costs related to the workforce;

Sending emails as auto responders to the concerned personnel whenever an item in the expense list is rejected or approved; Add newer categories quickly and even delete the outdated ones as your enterprise evolves; Most of these expense tracking and reporting programs and software have user-friendly interface, and use modern technologies like PHP and MySQL, which help you to enjoy an updated functionality. Thus, you can use them to streamline the entire process associated with business expense reports.

Who can use such software? A wide variety of automatic expense trackers and software are designed to suit businesses of all sizes. So, irrespective of whether you own a small, medium, or large business, you can use such tools to make the process of creating flawless expense reports faster. Why use the expense report software?

Expense tracker tools and software can save you both time and money, which could be utilized to focus on core business processes. What’s more, such tools give your employees the flexibility to create expense reports even when they are on the go. People travelling in aircraft, which are the non-internet zones, can make use of optional desktop apps to create reports offline, which can be uploaded quickly once they are able to come online.

If you are still not sure why you should use them, here are some additional benefits that such tools and software can bring your way: You can use them to create tailored CSV files for keeping track of employee payrolls and general ledgers systems. Analyzing corporate spending will seem easy with multiple on-screen analysis reports that are equipped with multiple filters. You can easily move from company to department to employees in seconds. The encrypted technology used in creation of such reports assures that you have a well protected security system in place, which is backed up by an efficient method to recover files in case they get lost or misplaced.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Why Reporting Is Essential In Budget and Expenses Software

There will be no argument if we claim that an income and expense spreadsheet is vital. But this is not enough, for you also need the help of the forefront budget software program that will give you sufficient options of reporting for easy analysis of information.

Do you have the slightest idea as to how the expenses software communicates with users like you? The answer would be through the reports, and it is their quality that sets better expenses software apart from those which are of inferior quality. This is also made possible by other essential features of the software like the income expense spreadsheet.

For this matter, budgeting software can only be regarded as a really good one if it is user-friendly and the input of information is hassle free. The moment that the initial setup is done, transaction recording and processing is expected to automatically take place.

Good expense software must possess reporting elements in the module of the money management tool that you are using. These features must also be intuitive and straightforward to use, for they are the real hallmark of the reporting features of a better software.

If these two do not exist, your software can be regarded as completely futile. Income and spending must be easily known with a mere push of a certain button.

Really good software must present to you the detailed and exact breakdown of the expenses that you have made. These expenses must be categorized properly and defined easily, depending on the various time periods like year, month or day. These data can also be summarized through an income expense spreadsheet. Expenditure software is also expected to give information graphically. The use of colored blocked graphs as well as pie charts make it easier to check if the expenses figures are proportioned to your income. A good alternative will be to analyze numbers and in other cases, doing the maths to know how much money you are currently dealing with.

Since people live diverse lives, it is essential that the software is customizable for this diversity to be reflected. Rigid software can cause issues in usability and can even be deemed futile if it will not suit the expenditure and lifestyle patterns of the user.

Reliable software that can measure income and expenditure can facilitate the lifestyle that you have, avoiding any problems for it will be specifically designed for this.

In case that the software you have now can be accessed from wireless devices such as smartphones, a good bonus will be being able to get reports from that device. This allows real time reports about expenditure which can aid in financial management even when you are outside your home.

Indeed, reports from the expenses software can be considered as the software's lifeblood. The ease of their usage, their customizable features, income expense spreadsheet and many others are more than enough to explain why they are worth using.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Mobile Reporting in Different Languages only at Certify

If you are a current Certify customer, you may already know that Certify is available in 64 languages and 140+ currencies. But did you know that Certify Mobile also has multiple language capabilities? That’s right – Certify Mobile has gone even more global. You just read it right why struggling in using it when their is a language available in your country makes your mobile expense reporting understandable and easier.

Setup is easy for Certify Admins: simply designate the specific languages you would like to make available to your employee users. Then, once the configurations are complete and incorporated into your company’s Certify instance, the specific languages you configured will be made available to all of your users. Your users will see these language options in their “My Account” details page, and they can select their desired language when setting up their account for the first time. They can also change their preferred language at any time right from their “My Account” page. Language changes made in a Certify account are automatically reflected in the user’s Certify Mobile app. Want to see the Certify Mobile multiple language capability in action? Take a look at Certify Mobile in French below:

Any text added by the user will not be translated – it will remain in the original language that the text was entered in. For example, an employee can create an expense report with their language set to French, however, the approver can view the report with their language set to English. All Certify functionality will be in the language of the person viewing the report. Please note that expense categories and departments are necessarily static, remaining in the language in which they are originally created, regardless of the user’s language setting.

Combined with our existing international services – which includes automatic currency conversion and global mileage reimbursement rates – Certify Mobile with language capabilities enabled helps companies streamline their expense management by simplifying internal processes, consolidating formatting, and providing robust reporting tools.