Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How to Find Travel and Expense Management Software Online

If we take the example of an organization then we will notice that it will have many departments. There are different kinds of departments which are required to do different activities in organizations. Almost all companies understand that several tasks are of same nature and they should be assigned only to a single department. This helps in clarifying the duties and responsibilities of various departments. Though, all the departments of an organization are important, some are more important than others. For instance, the finance department will always be the most important for all companies.

Most of the activities which take place in an organization affect its finances. Companies are often not bothered by those activities which do not affect their finances. A lot of money is spent by organizations to make sure that their funds are utilized in the best possible manner. It may seem easy to people but in reality it is quite difficult to manage finances of organizations. One of the most important things which all organizations need to do is to cut their expenses. No organization would like to spend a lot of money for reasons which are not so important.

Those areas of a business which make only expenses are treated as expense centers. They make expenses of various kinds. It is very important to keep an eye on such centers. There are various kinds of expense management solutions available in the market at present. According to the requirement of an organization, it can purchase expense management solutions. If a company is unable to control its expenses then it will face one or the other problem at some point of time. Companies can increase their profits by decreasing their costs.

This is what several companies are doing for a long time.

When we talk about costs and expenses then there are so many activities which can be mentioned. For instance, when employees are picked up and dropped in company cars then it is a cost for the company. For all such expenses, organizations need travel and expense management. Without management, no organization would be able to survive. It is really very important for all organizations to have proper management controls. Anyone who is looking for the best software to get travel and expense management should search online. This is an easy task as there are various online stores which sell such software now days.

Employees also want their companies to pay their claims as soon as possible. Therefore, organizations like to use software which gives the facility of mentioning web expenses. Many companies are using software which can be used by employees online to file their claims.

These web expenses are checked automatically by the software and the procedure of clearing them is speeded up. This is very beneficial for all the companies. A lot of companies are using different kinds of applications and tools to manage their finances in an impeccable manner.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Personal Expense Report and Its Benefits

The benefits which we get from using a personal expense report regularly will help us in many ways. Some of the primary uses which we get from the reports may be tabulated as follows below;

The purchase of a personal expense reports will help us in making sure that our funds are saved from getting depleted by people working in the company. Sometimes internal causes for depletion in the funds are greater than external factors. The reason behind this will be the incapability of the employees in choosing the best possible ways of reducing the expenses meant for their work every day. Mostly, they do not consider the funds possessed by the firm or the organization as their own and therefore, they do not care about spending more than what is actually necessary for either getting the necessary materials or for getting something done for the company. This attitude can be monitored by using these personal expense reports.

Individual statements about their own expenses will serve in two different ways. The first one will be to isolate the true nature of the requisition for funds and the second one will be to find out why there is a vast difference between the actual quotation at the initial stages of the projects and the present requisition for funds from the personnel involved in the concerned task.

The expenses made by the individual will be displayed in terms of all sub categories and therefore the complete dossier of the expense history will be available if the report is scrutinized properly. There may be unnecessary requisition for funds from the employees, miscalculations of figures on their part and many other forms of expenses which might threaten the survival of the company itself. Hence we can use new strategies based on these results. The small amount of money we spend on getting the best versions of personal expense report models and templates will aid in saving thousands and even millions if the companies are dealing with multimillion dollar projects. The more we use these templates for the reports, the more we can save in terms of funds which we have already and those which we get from new projects.

Managements can find out the culprits in the employees list by using the reports given by all. The reports they give can be compared with the ones formulated by the management and when there are any discrepancies in the same, we may be able to uncover all the personnel who are disloyal to the company and the organization.

Things to Keep an eye in Booking your Business Accommodation

Your management claims that you've got to travel out of the city or outside the state in order to look after business enterprise matters. This is a business journey, and the corporation will be paying out for everything. All you have to conduct is be where you have to be. There are a some matters you should remember when you're looking for that business travel accommodation. Check on the internet. The Net has really changed just how queries, and reservations are executed. Resort rooms might be booked with the use of the Master card through the input of Visa card details. You must be aware of the lots decisions which are generally available as well as except for that, you will visualize each accommodation thanks to the photos posted. Pick the hotel that's nearest to the airport additionally, the situation of the business function. When you're staying at a hotel, that's just walking length to the place you have to be, you clear away the needs for car rentals. You could just walk and luxuriate in the views. Wireless connection. You will ought to gain access to dependable Web connection so that you can take a look at your mails and send files any time you want to. With the appearance of technology along with the web, virtually all, if not, all hotel accommodations currently provide Internet access. Lots of dealings and communications are broadcast through e-mail, and is the reason why a Web connection is virtually a prerequisite now. Check out the hotel if it offers an office for its guests. An office will have the obligatory resources and tools like a fax machine, PC and printer, office supplies, for example. You'll be able to make use of the office to accomplish certain tasks. All work and no play is a no-no. Verify that the organization travel accommodation provides spa service. Most hotels now have this type of service so that the guests can be pampered on their stay. In case the hotel delivers massage, obtain one. It assists you relax so you may be prepared for the following day at work. 6. Amenities like the gymnasium and a pool are very important in the process since you do not want to let go of your exercise program. Sweating it out on the weight space or treadmill should help unleash endorphin within your body so you don't remain stressed all across the business journey.

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Big Advantage in Using Online Expense Management

A business which is not managed in a proper manner will find it very difficult to survive. There is so much competition in almost every business now days that it is very important for every business to manage its activities in the best possible manner. The threats and opportunities which come from the external environment of a business can be dealt with in a perfect manner only if the internal environment of the business is managed in the best manner. It is very important for all business firms to manage their finances in such a manner that they make highest profit.

Every business wants to cut its costs because more costs will bring down the profits. However, there are many expenses which cannot be avoided by organizations. Certain expenses have to be made by all organizations otherwise they will not be able to grow their business. You might have seen many people who keep on traveling to various countries or cities on the expense of their companies. Companies send their employees to other places so that they can find new markets and make new customers for their products.

When we go on a trip then we make various kinds of expenses like eating out, traveling, staying in hotels etc. All these expenses are paid by companies when they send their employees to places for their business. Now, it is very important to maintain a record of all the expenses which have been incurred by various employees on their business trips. The expense software helps companies in maintaining a clear record of the expenses which are made by employees while they travel for their organization's business. The expense software is considered as a very important tool for recording employee expenses.

You might be thinking that purchasing the expense report software will only add to the expenditure of an organization. You are right to some extent but you should know that this software does not come at a very high price. Also, the benefits which are offered by the expense software are many. Companies which are using this software have found that they have become able to discipline their employees for making reasonable expenses on their trips after using such software. There are numerous organizations all over the world which are using this software.

There was a time when employees used to give reports about their expenses to their companies after coming from their business trips. However, with the online expenses management system, employees are able to update the information about their expenses in detail online and this can be seen by concerned department employees from any corner of the world.

The online expenses management has made the lives of companies easier. This system lets companies know how much their employees are spending when they are on their business trips. Useful comparisons of records maintained can be made to know whether the expenditure on business trips is increasing with time or it is constant.

The Kick Off of AFP Annual Conference 2014

Certify kicked off November exhibiting at the 2014 AFP Annual Conference (Association for Financial Professionals) in Washington, D.C. With nearly 7,000 attendees, the conference fostered countless relationships and conversations, learning opportunities, and of course a chance to stock up on exhibitor swag and knows more about how to manage your expense reports.

From an exhibitor standpoint, we had an idyllic location at Booth 2011. Adjacent to Bank of America’s larger-than-life flat screen and endless lattes, the dining hall, and the educational sessions, we had a steady flow of traffic throughout the conference. Read more click here.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Company Travel Expenses Management Software Makes Sense

Managing company travel expenses is no easy task. For those companies whose key team members travel the country or the globe to visit clients, network with colleagues and prospects, or visit work sites, making wise travel spending decisions is vital. As a matter of fact, if your staff travels frequently, this type of expenditure may eat up a large chunk of the company's outgoing cash.

It is always a balance for traveling executives to procure what they need for successful business trips, while keeping the firm's expenses to an absolute minimum. By choosing to implement company travel expenses management software smart business owners are able to manage these expenses with ease.

Company Travel Expenses management software provides a comprehensive expense reporting tool no business should be without. Thorough tracking of submitted travel expenses helps reduce unnecessary spending, curbs careless reimbursement requests and helps in planning future company travel spending plans.

This Internet-based tool offers you complete control of exactly how cash is being spent. Traveling staff members can effortlessly use the software on any web-connected device to create expense reports and submit them anytime from anywhere in the world. Approve instantly have access to these submitted travel expense reports, at which point they can decide whether or not to authorize the expense.

The time and hassle that is cut out of the company travel expenses management process is valuable to your company in multiple ways. Time-sensitive decisions regarding the way travel funds are distributed throughout the company can be made faster than ever. As well, Company travel expenses management software facilitates a new level of visibility into your company's spending habits. Areas of abuse can be examined and addressed with ease.

As expense data is captured, comprehensive reports can be developed to show how company money is being spent. For example, you can see which vendors you spend the most money with, which may help you negotiate better rates and set up policy to use these specific vendors. Or, you might want to see which of your employees spend the most when traveling on business. This kind of reporting can help you control and reduce spending company wide.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Real Reason Business Travelers Love Fast-Food

Today, business travelers are less likely to dine on steak and wine and more likely to grab a Big Mac and a Pumpkin Spice Latte, a new study shows.

According to the latest Certify SpendSmart Report, the three restaurants business travelers expense the most are Starbucks, McDonald's and Panera Bread. Starbucks dominates breakfast, with a whopping 12.9 percent of meals expensed during breakfast hours eaten at the coffee chain. Meanwhile, McDonald's meals make up 3.3 percent of lunches expensed and 1.7 percent of dinners.

How did these chains end up on the top of the corporate credit card stack? Certify CEO Bob Neveu revealed three things these chains that others lacked.

They have Wi-Fi. Stuck in an airport or a foreign city for a few hours? Most likely, all you want is some food and a place to catch up on work or check Facebook. Chains at the top of the most expensed list, especially Starbucks and McDonald's, have made names for themselves as providers of free Wi-Fi.

"You think about Subway… it generally doesn’t have Wi-Fi," says Neveu. Even when individual locations offer Wi-Fi, the fact that some chains are widely known for the service boosts their popularity. McDonald's realizes the power of this reputation, as it builds its McCafe line as lower-priced take on Starbuck's refuge for individuals who want a cup of coffee and a place to work on their computer.

They're reliable. Whether you're in Tokyo or London, you're sure to be able to find a Starbucks to grab a coffee. Mega-chains like Starbucks and McDonald's, as well as Panera to a lesser degree, rely on the assurance that wherever you go, your meal will be reliable and familiar.

"You specifically see companies saying, let's use the same hotels, the same rental car companies, the same airfare plans, even the same restaurants – it's predictable, not only in terms of quality, but in terms of price," says Neveu. If you're planning to take a client out to lunch in a foreign city, better to stop by Panera, where you know the menu and you're sure you won't go over your budget, than get food poisoning at an unknown local restaurant.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Reasons in Having Expense Reporting Software

Are claims increasing by the hour? Are struggling to keep track of your employees' expenses? Are you matching too much time and effort in matching receipts to expenditure claims? If yes, then you need a central tracking system for your web expenses. A good expense reporting software will surely be very beneficial to your organization.

If you don't have a central tracking system, it will be very difficult for business owners to enforce expense policies. Also, they would find it very difficult to get project visibility and would be unable to take strategic decisions. Expense tracking generally relies on manual entry and receipt collections from the employees. This makes collecting data from employees both error prone and time consuming. If managers do not have accurate expense data, they will not be in a position to check if the policies are being enforced. Also, the managers will not be able to tell if the reimbursements are happening on time. Thus, managers will not be able to plan for optimized spending. If you have a web based expense tracking software, all your issues and problems will be solved. A typical web tracking software will provide real time visibility into reimbursable and project related data. The web based expense reporting software encourages the employees to enter their expenses in their convenience—at any time and from anywhere.

So, when an employee has to visit abroad, he or she does not have to wait to come back and fill up all the forms. The employee needs to enter all his or her travel expense data in the online form and it will get updated immediately. Managers of such employees can keep a good watch on the expenses and make sure that the employee is not spending the company's money in the wrong manner. Also, the managers will be in better position to see if all policies are being met. With the introduction of web expenses software, employees and employers will surely be benefitted.

Approvals of the travel expense claims can be settled in just a matter of days rather than months—which is the current scenario. The web travel reporting software is robust and easy to use. So, you will not need any separate training for the same. Even the stakeholders get all the information they need at any given point of time.

When you are selecting a web expense software, you will have to make sure that it will fit into the existing business environment. There are many consultants who will be in a better position to give you better advice. When you select a reputed company for your web reporting software needs, you don't need to be worried about security and upgrades—they will be taken care of in a highly professional manner.

In the current business scenario, if you find that expenses are running you rather than you running the expenses, then there is high time that you switched to a central tracking system using the internet or using cloud computing.

Benefits of Implementing a Comprehensive Expense Management Software

Many organizations usually tend to ignore the important role of the optimal expense management in the process of streamlining the business environment. The fact is that keeping a record of the timings and official expenses of your employees can help organizations make insightful decisions and also aids in long term savings.

If your company is just a start up, you may prefer maintaining an Excel spreadsheet of employee attendance and the official costs incurred or rather even prefer going the traditional way with handwritten records. But, as your staff and business grows, your teams get larger and better, the time and expense management strategies need to alter as well in order to keep up with the complex and recurring office expenditures. Whether your organization is an accounting firm, IT consulting company, or a bank, as your company expands, you may reach a point wherein it will become necessary to take optimal advantage of your resources and track your revenue and costs and try and save as much as possible for the future. Multinational companies even need to anticipate upcoming expenditures and plan accordingly well in advance.

Expense management software is a robust solution that helps seamlessly tracking the costs that your organization incurs from time to time. It usually has an intuitive user interface that allows employees to easily record and claim expenses through the web portal. The implementation process is also fairly simple and less time consuming. This software also assures a quick approval process and thus guarantees faster reimbursements. If your organization is working multiple projects simultaneously, the software also aids in keeping a clean project based cost accounting system; thus helps in billing clients accurately.

Another advantage of this software is that it helps you cut down on paper trails and unnecessary expenditures. It also ensures that no money wastage is done as all the expenditure made is tracked and steadily you get to know about which are the necessary expenses that you cannot avoid and the ones that you can cut down. It can also be tailored as per your business requirements and the expense claims process can be made a lot easier, faster and flexible.

The expense management software also helps in making timely payments to your employees which in the long run increases work efficiency and employee productivity which ultimately leads to business growth and profitable gains. The software can definitely act as your on stop expense management solution.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Big Advantages of Online Expense Management

A business which is not managed in a proper manner will find it very difficult to survive. There is so much competition in almost every business now days that it is very important for every business to manage its activities in the best possible manner. The threats and opportunities which come from the external environment of a business can be dealt with in a perfect manner only if the internal environment of the business is managed in the best manner. It is very important for all business firms to manage their finances in such a manner that they make highest profit.

Every business wants to cut its costs because more costs will bring down the profits. However, there are many expenses which cannot be avoided by organizations. Certain expenses have to be made by all organizations otherwise they will not be able to grow their business. You might have seen many people who keep on traveling to various countries or cities on the expense of their companies. Companies send their employees to other places so that they can find new markets and make new customers for their products.

When we go on a trip then we make various kinds of expenses like eating out, traveling, staying in hotels etc. All these expenses are paid by companies when they send their employees to places for their business. Now, it is very important to maintain a record of all the expenses which have been incurred by various employees on their business trips. The expense software helps companies in maintaining a clear record of the expenses which are made by employees while they travel for their organization's business. The expense software is considered as a very important tool for recording employee expenses.

You might be thinking that purchasing the expense report software will only add to the expenditure of an organization. You are right to some extent but you should know that this software does not come at a very high price. Also, the benefits which are offered by the expense software are many. Companies which are using this software have found that they have become able to discipline their employees for making reasonable expenses on their trips after using such software. There are numerous organizations all over the world which are using this software.

There was a time when employees used to give reports about their expenses to their companies after coming from their business trips. However, with the online expenses management system, employees are able to update the information about their expenses in detail online and this can be seen by concerned department employees from any corner of the world.

The online expenses management has made the lives of companies easier. This system lets companies know how much their employees are spending when they are on their business trips. Useful comparisons of records maintained can be made to know whether the expenditure on business trips is increasing with time or it is constant.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Making easy with your Expense Reports

Business people are among the best risk takers because risk taking is an integral part of being an entrepreneur. There is another thing that they are great at - managing their expenses. Go out for lunch with any entrepreneur and you will find them meticulously keep the luncheon bill with them. Of course, for any businessperson luncheons are business expenses and they need to show the copy of the bill at the end of the year to claim income tax deductions. Without proper expense reports any business will end up paying more taxes and no entrepreneur is going to like that.

Any business runs on income and expense balancing. When the income is more than expense the business runs on a profit. While there are intricate calculations built into managing incomes and expenses it is really all about entering all data on both sides of the profit and loss statement and balance sheet and seeing the report at the end of the year. It's not the easiest of jobs because different accounting standards demand different ways of managing accounts that only trained accountants can do. But then, when someone starts their own business or is just about trying to break even they cannot afford to have an accountant on their payroll. They typically hire someone to balance their books at the end of the year. This is a cumbersome job for the accountant and a costly affair for the entrepreneur.

Today this job has been made much simpler and much more cost effective and this is thanks to some websites that offer free accounting software applications. To use this application one just needs to sign up for free and then get started. The way to handle the application is rather simple and someone with only basic knowledge of accounts can manage it. At the end of every quarter the application can be used to show various reports - total income report total business expenses report, total tax paid report and total commission paid report. These income and expense reports can then be emailed to the accountant, saving time for them and money for the entrepreneur.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Things to know About Expense Management

Any business which is not able to manage its funds in an appropriate manner will find it difficult to sustain itself. A lot of business firms have been closed till now because of their insolvency. Proper financial planning is required by companies so that they can meet all their goals. The goal of almost every organization is to earn as much profit as possible. In order to increase the profits, various kinds of steps are taken by the organizations. They advertise their products/services and decrease their costs.

Decreasing the costs is a very simple way to increase the profits. A firm which is earning handsome revenue will not be able to retain much profit if it incurs high cost. There are a lot of business units which know the importance of reducing their costs. There are some expenses which are necessary and cannot be reduced. Taking care of employees is the duty of every organization. If an organization does not pay its employees well and give no incentives to them then the employees will not be happy. It is very important to keep the employees happy.

Time is also very precious for all the organizations and they do not want to waste it. Some activities may take a lot of time if they are not done with the help of the computers and specially made software. Several types of expenses are done by employees of various organizations on their behalf and at the end of every month they need to get their dues back. Employees need to fill forms and make their claims by using the expense report software in various organizations. Where no expense report software is used, a lot of time is taken to process the claims of the employees.

A lot of money is also spent by companies on paying their employees to travel to far off countries and places for business purpose. Proper planning is required to find out the most economical ways of reaching to various destinations which needs to be visited by various employees. People who are looking for the software which can help them to do travel and expense management need to search the internet. There are a lot of online stores where the software for managing the travel and travel expense management is sold now days.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Learn More about the Executive Dashboard

Certify has been making some changes and one of our biggest and most recent is Executive Dashboard! Created specifically for those with Manager, Executive, and Accountant roles within Certify, Executive Dashboard shows you expense management performance data in the form of colorful charts that automatically refresh every day, giving you the most up to date information for your organization. If you want more detail, you can always simply click on any chart to see the underlying report data.

If you haven’t seen this new feature yet, simply log into your Certify account. On the upper right side of your account homescreen you will see that Analytics has replaced Reports. Click Analytics and you will be taken to the Analytics and Reporting page. In the Dashboards section at the top of the page, click Enterprise Dashboard. On the Enterprise Dashboard page, you will see several performance charts that show activity for the past 90 days. The performance chart analytics that you can review are as follows:

Top 5 Expense Categories This chart displays information for processed expenses that were approved with an expense date within the last 90 days. (Managers will only see information for expenses that they approved.) Only the top 5 categories with the highest amounts are shown. Clicking on the chart will open the Expenses by Category report, which is searchable by expense date.

Expenses by Expense Type. This chart displays information for processed expenses that were approved with an expense date within the last 90 days. (Managers will only see information for expenses that they approved.) This chart includes all expense types. Clicking on the chart will open the Expenses by Category report, which is searchable by expense date.

My Team’s Top 5 Employees. This chart displays information for processed expense reports that have an approval code with and expense date within the last 90 days. Expenses that were approved by the person viewing the chart are the only expenses shown, and only the top 5 employees with the highest amounts are shown. Clicking on the chart will open My Team’s Export Reports report, which is searchable by expense date.

Expense Accrual by Expense Status. This chart displays information for expenses that have not been processed and imported expenses that have not been tied to an expense report with their expense date within the last 90 days. This chart includes all expense statuses. Clicking on the chart will open the Expense Report Accruals report, which is searchable by expense date.

Expense Report Statistics. This chart displays information for all expense reports that have been created, reimbursed, and processed within the past 90 days. Clicking on the chart will open the Expense Report Statistics report.

Average Days Submit to Process. This chart displays the average number of days it has taken for expense reports to be submitted and processed within the past 90 days. Clicking on the chart will open the Expense Report Statistics report.

No need to create pesky charts and graphs to display expense information at a glance – Certify’s new Enterprise Dashboard feature provides pertinent information pulled from our comprehensive reports in a colorful and easy-to-understand visual presentation.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mobile Reporting the Era of Reporting

Through so many years a lot of businesses have their own problem in the firm and somehow sometimes it is the reason why most of the businesses can’t stand out in the market that they belong. We can’t deny the fact that today the competition in the market are getting intense and every detail in you business firm must need to have a full focused with it. Since managing a business takes a big effort to do of the enter team of the business and it makes the technology to be part of it.

Technology innovation like the phones plays a big role in our daily life not only for the people that having a business but yet to the every one of us. For those people in the business world the mobile is very essential especially for those on the trip or in the field work. Mobile is really a big important thing in the life of the person in the business world. Due to the enhancements of the technology at the market it makes every life easier and faster. For those people in the business mobile phones are a power full tool especially in managing expenses. When you are on the go most of the time the company shoulders on the expense that you have but without the proper way of making your expense reports seems you are on the hard time with it. Expense reporting is a crucial thing that the every employee must need to since most of the it is very required that the employee must need to do an expense reports after the trip that they had.

Today you don’t need to be stressed up after your trip but rather you can make you report in the right time with the use of your mobile you can make your reports in the right time without the hassle in time and you have you report in the right time. Today most of the business people are making the best as technology part of their success in the business world.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Importance of effective corporate expense management

Managing your business expenditure effectively to reduce costs, save money, and increase efficiency isn't a job to be taken lightly. Since effective expenditure management can result in improved service delivery, you should look for solutions that offer an innovative approach to increase corporate accountability, reduce risk, and ensure that clients' results meet their expectations.

In the present era of increased shareholder accountability, regulatory oversight, and risk management, you need a reliable corporate expense management solution that lets you make critical decisions based on proven processes, useful business insights, and sound business principles. This is where business expense software can help.

Be it streamlining the complete expense report life cycle, or creating and exporting approved expense report data and other such tasks, such software can complete all these processes and do much more with a few clicks. Another good news is that you won't need any knowledge of accounting principles to get the job done as such software to manage business expenses are developed by experts who have decades of real world experience in managing complex corporate service functions.

Whether you own a small business or a big enterprise, you will need to simplify your daily tasks, and keep your clients happy. A software for business expense management can make common tasks faster and easier by automating them. Starting from selling and bookkeeping to other complex tasks like creating expense reports offline and while on the go, getting expense reports approved, analyzing corporate spending, and making multi-currency purchases, such solutions can let you handle all these and much more.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

An Attested and Effective Method of Expense Reporting

Travel and entertainment expenses are a huge expense and are just about the most considerable controllable cost pools at most businesses, second to salaries. While these expenses have always been subject to management programs and computerization, disputes within travel and expense management processes have come under rising scrutiny for many reasons.

The surging cost of business travel makes expense management solutions necessary for the profitableness of a business. As the cost of travel services, including transportation, boarding, and travel agency fees, persist in climbing, and a larger number of employees are traveling for yearly business trips, these expenses are draining capital from businesses. Keeping track of traveling costs has also become even more of a nuisance. Paper-based procedures always maintain their own complications. Companies that continue to use paper or spreadsheets rather than expense reporting software or apps face the depleting and inefficient tedium of logging, approving or denying, and ultimately auditing expense reports.

The practice of fraudulating travel and entertainment expense reports is arguably now commonplace; everyone knows the anecdotes of corporate abuse. A scarcity of just checks and balances and control actions make travel related expenses wide open to employee fraud. Paper and spreadsheet expense reports are especially a cinch to make up. Furthermore this procedure is costly; the everyday cost of manually processing an expense report is over $35; accrued over a few months between various employees, these costs end up becoming thousands of dollars worth of fees. These towering prices restrict the financial gains these trips may else ways yield. Impaired spending visibility and a lack of control over said spending creates delayed and erroneous visibility into travel-related expenses, which should add up to employee compliance with corporate travel practices and any other company practices. Without this information, corporations are unable to accurately consolidate travel and entertainment expenses and are so incapable of more effectively negotiating suppliers.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Webinars and Webcasts for the Modern Day Accounting Professional

We here at Certify love to host webinars, because we know that knowledge is best shared in a conversation. Webinars provide an in depth learning tool that allows any modern day professional to learn in an active conversation, while teaching others tips and tricks of the trade.

But more than any other professional occupation the accounting and finance profession benefits the most from webinars and web casts. CFO’s, controllers and accounting professionals are listening along and learning more about new management techniques and technology while also taking care of all other the other many responsibilities on their plate. With such a large number of webinars, podcasts, infographics, whitepapers, and other resources available, it’s hard to decide which will be beneficial and which are just rehashed information.

As you well know, the modern day professional’s most precious resource is time so trying to sift through an internet’s worth of resources can distract from many other duties.

What's Next? Internal and External Reporting Solutions for Today and Tomorrow by IBM IBM is a definitely a household name, so as you would expect, their informative live webcasts have been a big help to every industry across the globe. This webcast goes over how to manage big expense data and how manual expense processes are some of the biggest pain points for accounting professionals.

For any professional, who interested in current technology and familiar with the frustrations is of excel based solutions, this will provide a great deal of insight to your organization. Leveraging New Technology to Simplify Expense Report Management by Certify

If you don’t know Certify, this up and coming company has produced webinars for a wide variety of finance and accounting professionals for the past couple of years. They also provide one of the most highly rated expense management tools out there. The webinar itself is a top-tier primer for finance and accounting professionals looking for success and growth through technology. This webinar features Bob Neveu, who has well-rounded experience in of wide variety of business development processes, as he discusses the necessity of cloud-based solutions and the overall technology shift in the travel and expense industry.

Accounting Best Practices continues to be one of the most popular accounting podcasts with over a collective million downloads.The benefits of a podcast vs. a webinar is that you have smaller chunks of information that can be digested in multiples or during a quick break from your regular tasks. Each and every episode is a small journey into the daily life of an accountant, making light of the everyday complications of simple tasks and bringing insight and simplicity to the complicated concepts. Anyone from the 5 Year CFO to an entry level associate can benefit greatly from the enlightening discussions by Steve Bragg.

Mastering the Financial Forecast to Drive Predictability and Growth Stephanie Baccam is a leader in the Accounting industry, and with good reason too. She has helped build a system for effective forecasting, a method that can be adapted to any industry. This webinar talks more in depth about how she and Neil Khan from Prophix Software used technology for effective data mining and scenario analysis.

It’s A Matter of Trust: How to Put Your Clients on the Right Path to Technology by Accounting Today Accounting Today has a plethora of resources for those in the Accounting and Finance profession. Their webcasts and podcasts are especially informative for those wanting to learn the latest trends and new methods for expense management.

This webinar features SMB technology mastermind David Adler, who talks about cloud technology and its ability to help small businesses save money while growing their business. He conveys very simply the benefits of cloud technology, not just for CFOs but applicable to all levels of management.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Use Certify Mobile in Your Business

The business world is a fast-changing place. Information and communication technology is continually setting the pace. New advances in technology are changing the way everyone works. Not only at the desk, where more can be done in a day, in less time than ever before, but also on the road and away from the office.

The Need for Mobile An increasing number of businesses are recognizing the need for mobile data solutions. Typically, there are two options:

A hosted exchange solution where everything is managed for you and your people. All you see are the messages, email basic messages, data, reports, and content that are delivered to your PC or mobile online device as part of your hosting agreement.

According to a number of different polls, not only are tablet and other hand-held gadget purchases proliferating, but so is the average amount of time that people spend on them, whether it's talking to a friend or colleague, reading emails or playing the latest game app during down time.

But if smartphone technology are used almost as much for business as they are for pleasure, which is why it would be worth your while to supply your workers with the Certify Mobile App.

What's so great about Certify mobile? Quite simply, it allows you and/or your workers to track receipts and expenses that the company incurs from anywhere at any time - even when you don't have Internet access.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Understanding and Know More About Expense Reports

An expense report is the statement covering all the expenses of official or personal travel of an employee that is to be submitted to the employer for the purpose of reimbursement. Expense reports also serve the purpose of personal record of the expenses or for accounting and tax payment preparation. The expenses generally include air/train fare, hotel accommodations, food expenditures and other travel-related expenses. Often, the employees take too much time for the submission of expense report, but the process should be quick. The process of expense reporting can be made simple and quick only through automation with web-based expense report management.

With these programs, the employee submits the report online to the approval authority and faxes the receipts. Almost all the companies are following this method of automation so that employees can avoid the errors involved in manual entry and submission of reports. The fast submission of expense report leads to quick reimbursement, which in turn provides visibility and control for the compliance of the standards of audit and accounting. As it shortens the reimbursement cycle, employees' motivation and thereby operational efficiency increases.

Every organization should have a standard format of employee expense report form that should be easy for employees to use. However, as per a survey conducted by one popular Boston-based research organization, for every five dollars a company spends, one dollar is spent towards employee travel expenses. So the employee travel reimbursement expenditure occupies a vital role in the total expenses after salaries. Thus, most of the companies are taking a hard look at employee travel expenses.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Managing Receipts Not A Problem Anymore make it Easy

Have you ever experienced creating, submitting, modifying, attaching receipts, and claiming your expenses using a mobile device? Doesn't it reduce your efforts to a great extent?

Yes! online expense report software automates and accelerates the process of claiming your business expenses. It is an on-demand expense software that challenges its competitors in the marketplace by providing its users with more advanced features that save time and leave them delighted. Here are some of its key features:

Anytime and Anywhere. Online expense management software enables you to create and send expense reports easily and helps you reclaim your expenses with just a few taps on your smart phone anytime and from anywhere. This software is available on all Android and IOS mobile devices.

Know Status of Your Reports. Submitted reports will be categorized automatically based on the approval process and get displayed in their respective areas. This helps you know the status of your reports easily.

Recall Your Reports. Online expense management software allows you to recall rejected reports and modify, edit, and resend them for approval without creating another expense report.

Dazzling User Interface. The software, with its intuitive user interface, ensures that its users have fun while working with expense reports. The application is easy to use and includes many shortcuts including pre-categorized line items with significant icons. This saves you a lot of time and helps you create reports in a streamlined manner.

Capture and Attach Receipts. Users can capture receipts and attach these to their reports directly from their mobile devices from any place, making it easy for users to claim their expenses. This system also eliminates fraud and mistakes usually made while calculating expenses. online expense report software also provides accurate tax details relevant to their respective expenses in various countries. This software supports an eco-friendly environment by eliminating the use of paper and replacing it with soft receipts.

Friday, August 8, 2014

How ReportExecutive Makes Expense Reporting Easy

Certify has plenty of options that make receipt processing easier, while still helping keep track of past expenses. One of these options is the ReportExecutive option, which will create expense reports for every aspect of the company. This can be an invaluable tool for executives, managers, accountants and even team leaders, as it will help accurately display financial figures that many people may typically go through more arduous processes to find.

With ReportExecutive, you have an accounting tool that will make everything easier. This has a number of options that can streamline the work related to keeping track of purchases and compiling receipt data. Meanwhile, there are many ways to continue to build diverse tracking options of expenses in a multitude of ways.

Expense reporting is a breeze. One of the most valuable aspects of the ReportExecutive option is the ability to create and schedule automated expense reporting. This can work for the entire company, compiling all of the data available. This is done by taking all of the receipts that are saved in the Certify Wallet, and transferring them into a bigger report. The company has the luxury of having emails sent to all parties to inform them of the expense report's progress and allowing approvals during this time.

The scheduling for these programs can be quite dynamic, as you can create monthly reports at any point, bump it up to bi-monthly or even weekly. With many choices, this program can form-fit to any situation that the company has, giving those who need the information.

Scheduling for these expense reports can be useful, as they actually have some dynamic aspects. There can be a company-wide option, which will give employees a deadline to submit their receipts, providing a concrete period to compile the necessary results. However, there is also an option to create schedules that will help employees get the work done on their own time.

Mobile options can help significantly. Certify has a mobile app that employees can download right to their phones, which will help ensure that the receipts are accurately added to the expense report. This is through the Certify ReceiptParse option, which allows employees to take pictures of their receipts while out of the office right on their phone. The data on the receipts are then added to the system and sent to the main report. This is a quick process, and it can help employees get their information to their superiors in a timely manner, without having to crunch numbers themselves.

Scheduling can prevent missed opportunities. Certify's program allows managers to send automated messages to their employees regarding business expenses so that no one will ever miss a submission. The software gives administrators the opportunity to set timers to give emails to those employees on the go who may need an extra push to get their information in on time. It isn't necessary to use these options, but depending on the business structure, it can be a significant help.

Once the time comes to submit a request before the deadline, employees have an ability to look at the expenses they created in the program. This will not only give them a line item option, but also every corresponding receipt picture. This can be great for those who want to feel more confident that they accomplished what their workplace asked for. Administrators can then approve the report once the employee checks their work for errors, and the documents will be put into the greater expense report. The process may help businesses change the way they work, which can make everyone's job easier.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Making Employee Reporting Easier Everywhere

Business leaders always are looking for tools and options that make the job easier, not only for them, but also for their employees. This is why it is important to make sure that employees who are often on the go have an ability to stay connected to their work and needs back in the office. In this day and age, nearly everyone is connected through phones, email and social media, and sending important information quickly is crucial to a solid business plan. This is why many businesses may need to look at ways to ensure that their payments are compiled in a manner this is both accurate and avoids taking up too much time.

When trying to ensure all business expenses are covered, checking out Certify mobile may help solve all of the problems that a company has. This is due to the ability for accurate, paperless receipt options, which will not only make employees and executives have an easier time, but also improve work productivity for accountants, which could be groundbreaking for the firm.

Using Certify Mobile is easy When trying to make automated expense reporting easier, businesses may see significant improvements by implementing Certify Mobile. There are some quick steps that an employee can take to ensure that the information is accurately implemented in the business' expense report.

First, have the employee take a photo of the receipt on their phone, and then utilize the Certify ReceiptParse option to fill in all of the expense information automatically. When the information is uploaded to the app, it is possible to scan through all of the expense information and make any necessary corrections. At that point, the employee can sync it with the Certify Wallet option, so that everything will be all set for the next expense report that comes along.

Being online isn't necessary While most employees who are out of the office will be checking in frequently, there are always situations where they may have an issue with connectivity, or they may just be unable to send their work in. With Certify Mobile, this isn't a problem. They can still do everything they need on their phone, and when the time comes where they have a reliable connection again, they can send it in for an automatic update. This can be a great way to ensure that nothing is left out, and all items will be compiled into later expense reports.

While people previously held onto every receipt they received while doing business, this isn't something that is necessary any longer. Employees now have the ability where their receipt information will be stored in the Certify Digital Wallet. This can be great when wanting to examine the expenses later on, and just check up on past progress. All of this is saved for all parties to view, which can make the process much easier, and much more attractive for all involved.

How to get Certify Mobile A Great thing about Certify Mobile is how easy it is to get started. Tell your employees to visit the app's website, and just hit the download button. The app is also available on many phone's app stores. It doesn't matter what type of mobile device a person has, they will likely be covered by this program. Certify Mobile is available for iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows Phone 7 and even BlackBerry. This can make using the app easy for everyone, as they will always be connected to their expense reports when out of the office.

Travel Efficiency is Essential to a Business' Success

The businesses of America have spoken yet again, and they've reported that business travel is still incredibly important to their ongoing success.

According to a recent Expedia survey, more than half of all U.S. organizations believe that business travel is very important to their company's success. American businesses spent more than $266 billion on business travel last year, according to the report, illustrating just how much organization in this country are investing in sending their employees out on the road.

However, these businesses aren't resting on their laurels - they're trying to improve the way they manage business travel. According to the Expedia report, 75 percent of respondents noted that the No. 1 factor they consider when booking business travel is whether or not they'll be getting the most value possible on their investment. Almost 70 percent also reported they put value in an "easy booking process," and 65 percent volunteered that low prices are most important to them.

"Expedia has long been committed to helping small businesses save money and maximize rewards when traveling for work," said Eleanor Bradley, Director of Small Business Travel at

Another way to make business travel more efficient is to implement automated expense reporting technology. When employees can use mobile-based programs, like Certify, to log their expense costs, they're saving time on their business trips because they don't need to maintain and organize a folder full of receipts and expense data. This allows them to get more value out of their business trips by affording themselves more time to work. Automated expense reporting technology helps to improve efficiency- allowing businesses a way to improve their travel process, as they so clearly are interested in doing.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Certify to Participate at Global Business Travel Association Convention 2014

Convention Center to attend the 2014 Global Business Travel Association Convention. Hungry for all things pertaining to business travel, corporate professionals from around the globe will have the opportunity to choose from over 90 educational sessions, listen to speakers such as Kevin Spacey and Biz Stone, the co-found of Twitter, and interact with 400 exhibiting companies.

Certify, one of the leading travel and expense management companies, will be located at Booth 700 at the GBTA Convention. Team Certify members will be on hand to help managers and traveling employees understand just how easy automated expense reporting can be when traveling for business.

Certify, ranked as the #1 expense management software provider for user satisfaction in the latest G2Crowd Report, makes expense reports easy by automating the creation of expense reports for the employee, providing an online review and approval process for managers, and streamlining the reconciliation and reimbursement process for accountants.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Use Expense Management Software to Sync Receipts on Mobile Devices

Company leaders frequently enjoy the support they receive from mobile apps. These intuitive solutions make it easier for business officials to be productive on the go, and quality platforms are ideal for company administrators to manage everyday tasks remotely.

In today's highly competitive marketplace, companies must complete tasks quickly. Falling behind can cause problems, even for major corporations, and may result in short- and long-term issues. Thankfully, top-notch mobile apps are readily available to company leaders, such as expense reporting solutions that enable business administrators to go paperless. In fact, expense management software can have far-flung effects on a company and help a firm bolster its efficiency in a short period of time.

Why is expense management software ideal for firms of all sizes? Expense reporting apps are easy to use and have reliable features that make them top choices for big and small companies. With these intuitive platforms, business administrators can instantly recycle receipts and manage and track expenses without delay.

For example, Certify Mobile is an affordable, top-notch app that supports business leaders. The solution is user-friendly, and within seconds, company administrators can sync receipt and expense details for future reports.

To use Certify Mobile, company leaders can simply snap a photo of a receipt with a smartphone or camera-enabled tablet. Meanwhile, these officials are able to autofill expense data with Certify ReceiptParse, a cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind expense reporting solution. Certify ReceiptParse automatically extracts data and fills in the expense field, making it easier for business administrators to track data in real-time.

Additionally, company officials can take their time to review expense details and make changes if necessary. It is vital for business administrators to enter accurate data, especially when it comes to tracking expenses, and Certify ReceiptParse is ideal for company leaders who want to avoid costly mistakes.

The app also enables business administrators to sync their receipts and expense details with Certify Wallet, which stores and manages receipt images. Certify Wallet enables company leaders to view their expense reports at any time.

Business officials can even use Certify Mobile offline, and the mobile app is a cost-effective solution that delivers long-lasting value to companies. The next time a company official connects to the internet, all of the data that he or she entered while offline immediately syncs up to Certify.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Be Organize with your Expense Reporting

In most of the businesses today technology plays a big impact in it. In this generation a lot of us are depending in the new era of the technology to make life easier and faster. Business one of the aspect that we have that moved the technology and change the entire business world. Today a lot of business companies are depending into the technology to upgrade more the level of services that they have in the market. One of the priorities that most of the business company put on that the technology that might the technology can help in are their expense reports. Reporting in the businesses are very important especially if they are monitoring the expenses of the company. Expense is a big part of the company and without the proper way of managing the expense it will lend into the disaster the entire fund of the company.

Way back in so many years most of the businesses people in the market makes their own expense reports in the manual way and sometimes the errors are can be avoided and it will done all over again another waste of the time and hassle for the employee. Throughout so many years finally there are companies that are willing to give their services just to make other business people in the market have their easier and faster reporting. Certify the is one of the company’s that giving the best that they can in their clients when it comes to expense reporting of your company they truly understands what are the needs of your company and employee. Even though they are new in the market they are truly one of the expense management software providers that are recognize in the market.

Today when it comes to expenses in your firm you don’t need to put on a hard time but instead be thankful to have Certify in your side. What is the best thing Certify expense management software? We all know that not the entire employee is staying in the office some of them are out in the field and others are in the business trips that are why Certify have their own mobile reporting. Indeed whether you are on the go or a trip still you can manage you expense and can generate you expense reports in the right time. Just using your phone and snap the picture of your receipts used during your trips and upload it into the site definitely you can have your receipts in the safe place and no more loosing it and you can used it in the later purposes. Today most of the business makes technology as their partners in the market which makes a big difference in the entire operation of the company. Just like the Certify it plays a big role in the every firm that trusts them and makes every business transactions easier and faster.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Employees Business Travels and Pleasures in One

Expense management during business trips is complicated enough already. However, keeping figures may become even more challenging in the future, as it seems that a large portion of business travelers have become accustomed to mixing personal time into their business trip schedules.

A recent report from The New York Times detailed how "some play on a trip for work," quoting a number of prominent business travelers who detailed how they like to spend time on personal trips and sightseeing, for example, while out on company business trips.

Such prospects could throw a wrench into a company's expense management plans. Workers may be more likely to violate company expense policies if they're mixing personal costs with business costs, which would necessitate more stringent expense reporting policies. Nick Vournakis, senior vice president at Carlson Wagonlit Travel, a travel management company, for example, explained the practice of mixing personal trips with business trips has been picking up significantly and recently.

"This is a trend we've seen pick up for the business traveler over the last several years...blending leisure and business as a way to make the throes of business travel a little bit more palatable, a little bit more acceptable," he told the news source. Lorraine Sileo, vice president of research for PhoCusWright, further detailed how pervasive the practice has become. She noted that 47 percent of all American business travelers added at least one leisure day to one of their business trips during 2011. Businesses that hope to avoid sharing the brunt of the cost for these personal days would do well to employ automated expense reporting technology, such as that offered by Certify, to ensure that they're not reimbursing any out-of-policy personally-incurred expenses on behalf of their employees.

Sileo went on to explain that businesses that do not enforce strict travel policies are most likely to see their employees add leisure days on their business trip - so if a company is against the practice, it would do well to tighten up its traveling policy.

Be Thankful to Automated Expense Reporting

Having your employees file expense reports is necessary on a monthly basis, at least - but oh, what a hassle it is. Unless you use automated expense reporting, then this process is going to eat up hours upon hours of work time. Accountants have to cross-reference company policy and verify everything, employees have to organize all their documents and put together the report itself. There's a way all these processes can be done in a matter of moments - with automated expense reporting technology, like Certify. Here are five different things that Certify will eliminate on behalf of your business, should you make the decision to switch over to automated expense reporting.

No more receipts. Employees won't have to return home from their business trips with a folder full of receipts any longer. Our software allows for employees to simply take pictures of their receipts with a smartphone, and then upload those images into your company's cloud database, managed by Certify. Better yet, Certify will automatically analyze these receipts, and pull all of the necessary information off of them - and then use it to build the expense report itself for your employees. Next time they get a nice dinner during a business trip, they won't have to worry about forgetting to pocket the receipt on the way out.

No more spreadsheets, no more pen and paper. As a result, your employees won't have to build their expense reports via spreadsheet programs or pen and paper - it will all be done for them automatically. That allows for a complete elimination of all mistakes made due to data entry, first off. It also saves tons of time for both your employees and your accountants. That's time that they can now reinvest into your company, into tasks that more directly demand their expertise.

No more policy violations. Here's another problem that Certify wipes off the map completely: policy violations. These happen at every company that isn't using digital automated expense report software. An employee reports an expense for reimbursement that's a bit higher than the company likes or allows for, but they reimburse it anyway. These conflicts won't crop up with Certify: our system internalizes your company policy as soon as you implement it, and it will flag all costs reported by employees that violate that policy. Before any of your workers will be able to send an out-of-policy cost to the accounting team, our program will mark it and ask the employee to make an adjustment.

No more unexpected expenses at the end of the month. Another benefit offered by Certify is that managers and executives can watch costs as they occur, practically in real-time. As soon as the receipt image is uploaded to the database, those overseeing the company's account will have access to it. For smaller businesses, this can be an invaluable tool - you'll never again be caught off guard by a surprisingly large reimbursement need at the end of a business trip or month. Instead, you'll be able to see the large costs just as they occur, and then augment your strategy as is necessary as a result. No more hassle. At the end of the day, what Certify offers - more than any one specific feature - is endless convenience. All these features add up to an office where no complications ever occur regarding business trip costs, expense reports, or reimbursements. That'll make life easier for people at every single level of your company - and probably save you some money, too.

Common Business Travel Problems Encountered

Business travelers face a number of complications when they're on the road. Sometimes these issues are inconveniences, and sometimes they can even cause safety hazards. One fact is sure: when individuals go out on business trips, they're not going on the road for the sake of leisure. They can expect to work hard, and be faced with many challenges.

As a result, the Global Business Travel Association recently conducted a survey that aimed to track the top concerns, safety hazards and inconveniences that are faced by business travelers when they're out on the road. The company then collected the responses and averaged out the top concerns faced by travelers - not including expense management or other financial concerns - when they're out on the road. The most-often identified mishaps and inconveniences are listed below:

54 percent of travelers identified weather delays as a concern 48 percent identified delayed flight and train departures as a concern 40 percent identified airplane incidents - such as mechanical issues - as a concern

16 percent identified missing their connecting flight as a concern "Delays, cancelations and mechanical issues are an unfortunate, unpredictable aspect of business travel," said Joseph Bates, vice president of research at the firm. "Travel managers face all of these challenges and leading companies are working to address these issues. This research looks to provide travel managers with data that can help them uncover new methods and polices to ease stress for their business travelers." One such change that could help ease stress for business travelers would be the implementation of automated expense reporting technology. As flight delays, hotel booking changes and other factors alter the costs of a given business trip, the traveler would have to log and analyze every increase and decrease to ensure that they're still in compliance with company policy. With the help of digital expense reporting technology, such as the program offered by Certify, these changes would be entirely automated, with the employee notified if the new altered costs now violate company policy. That gives them more time to focus on the trip, instead of their travel expense report - minimizing the effect of the mishap.

Safety should always be a priority during business trips In addition to inconvenient mishaps, the GBTA study also investigated the many safety risks that business travelers are exposed to while out on the road for their companies. Travelers identified the below-listed risks as their top concerns, health wise, while they're out on the road:

50 percent of corporate travelers identified the location of their hotel was a top concern 36 percent identified airline safety records as a concern 35 percent identified safety of ground-based transportation as a concern 34 percent identified ignorance as to who they should call in case of emergency as a concern

Safety concerns may be of an even higher importance to business travelers than the possibility of mishaps such as flight delays and unplanned changes in hotel bookings. That's because, according to the GBTA findings, 46 percent of all respondents are not provided travel insurance by their company, and also have not procured such coverage for themselves via an outside agency.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Using Expense Management Software in Assisting Team Members

A company may hire team members worldwide, and each of these professionals could serve an important role within an organization. As such, employees might need to make purchases on the go, but there can sometimes be challenges that these workers could encounter.

For example, a business professional overseas may use a different currency to buy specific items. While these products are essential for this staff member to perform work, he or she may struggle if companies cannot account for various currencies in their expense reporting processes. Certify is incredibly valuable for international organizations because it enables them to handle multiple currencies with ease. This expense reporting solution provides real-time exchange rate calculations for 140 currencies, which makes it worthwhile for businesses that want to support team members around the globe.

An expense reporting solution that recognizes cultural preferences Each employee may have his or her own preferences for formatting numbers, entering dates or completing other procedures. With Certify, company leaders can streamline their expense reporting processes, making it easier for workers to interact with a system that uses familiar formatting. Certify automatically applies cultural preferences at the user level based on his or her browser settings. After a worker starts using the expense reporting software, he or she will not have to worry about configuring it. Instead, Certify acts quickly to adjust to each employee's preferences, which can reduce the amount of time it takes him or her to submit expense reports to a supervisor.

Expense reporting software that supports multiple languages A global organization may employ staff members who speak different languages. Team members could submit expense reports in their own languages as well, and thankfully, Certify is designed to help these business professionals.

By using Certify, workers can select a desired language when they set up their accounts. There are 64 languages to choose from, and the preferred language can be changed at any time.

Meanwhile, Certify's multiple language capability uses advanced machine language translation that further streamlines the expense reporting process for businesses. Each user can take advantage of the software to enhance automatic translations with specific localizations and develop quality expense reports at all times.

Monday, June 23, 2014

What Expenses need to be tracked under the Sunshine Act?

Under the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, drug and medical device suppliers nationwide must track specific expenses. However, many firms might be unfamiliar with the regulation or its conditions, which can make it nearly impossible to avoid compliance issues.

A well-informed business operator could help his or her firm stay on track with its operating costs. Even a minor expenditure can have far-flung effects on a company, especially for a drug or medical device provider that must comply with the Sunshine Act.

With state-of-the-art receipt management software from Certify, a firm could prevent expense reporting errors. Sunshine Act compliance software may benefit both big and small firms, enabling these companies to manage their operating expenses for extended periods of time.

Monitoring expenses under the Sunshine Act The American Medical Association's Jeremy Lazarus points out that the Sunshine Act helps ensure transparency in physicians' interactions with members of the pharmaceutical, biologic and medical device industries. Because the regulation features steep penalties, however, companies are taking steps to ensure that they manage their expenses accordingly.

Under the Sunshine Act, any transfers of value or payments to physicians and hospitals greater than $10 must be reported to the federal government. These expenses include consulting fees, research costs and much more, and all contributions exceeding $100 will be published on a public website as well.

Meanwhile, a business that ignores the Sunshine Act may receive annual fines up to $1 million. Drug and medical device manufacturers can prevent compliance problems, however, if they invest in expense reporting platforms.

A high-quality Sunshine Act compliance solution To navigate the Sunshine Act, a firm can rely on Certify's high-quality compliance software. This platform allows companies to track expenses quickly and effectively, enabling these businesses to submit timely, accurate reports to the federal government. Certify's innovative expense management system makes it easy for employees to send error-free materials to managers. Additionally, supervisors can use the solution to report on all National Provider Identifier data by depending on a web-based platform.

On-the-go functionality also makes Certify's Sunshine Act compliance solution a first-rate choice for businesses of all sizes. Certify users can link multiple physicians to a single expense, create federally required reports and perform other tasks on their smartphones and tablets.

The Sunshine Act may seem confusing at first, but Certify is incredibly valuable to firms that must comply with this regulation. In fact, an investment in this expense reporting solution gives team members access to top-notch tools that may help them for years to come.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Finding the Best Time Making Travel Bookings

All traveling employees and managers worry about the travel costs that add up on a company's expense reports. Yet very few likely consider the effect that the time-of-day has on when they should book their travel accommodations. One recent report shows that prices fluctuate regularly at airliners - and that different times of day may be much better than others.

Skrift, citing data from Yapta, reported that more than 20 percent of all price-drops occurring at airlines in a given week occur during off business hours on Tuesday. Off hours on Wednesday followed close behind, accounting for 19 percent of all drops, offering savvy bookers an insight as to when they should be booking their seats. The study from Yapta also found that negotiated fares dropped more frequently than fares in any other class, accounting for 73 percent of price drops.

"Sometimes negotiated rates can open in a different class of service, which would open an opportunity for the company to save," a Yapta spokesperson told Skrift. "Also, often times companies will simply negotiate a discount off of the public fare."

Only 14 percent of all price drops took place on Saturday and Sunday combined, so clearly the weekend is not the right time to be looking for low airline prices. Some may think that these savings are insignificant, but the difference adds up on a corporate expense report: according to the study, the average savings for a ticket under $500 was $58, and the average savings for a ticket priced at more than $500 was $306.

"Just because corporations have negotiated fares with their preferred airlines doesn't mean these corporations don't have to be vigilant about carriers lowering their fares," wrote Dennis Schaal, of Skrift. "A lack of vigilance about these price drops means businesses are wasting money, and leaving themselves open to charges of wastefulness to foes in the corporation."

Another way to keep travel costs down: go to cities with low taxes. There's another factor that can have a surprisingly significant effect on the overall amount that your employees request for reimbursements on their expense reports: Taxes. A recent Fox News report, citing information from a Global Business Travel Association study, listed the top ten cities for tax costs.

The study took into consideration the amounts added on top of average car rental, restaurant and hotel booking expenses. The list is reproduced below. Clearly, executives need to know - if you send employees to one of these cities, you can expect a heftier expense report than usual to come back with them.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Expert to Tips Saving in your Business Trips

Even the biggest organizations have to pay close attention to the costs listed on their employee's expense reports. Corporate travel is an integral part of all successful business plans - but it can also be mighty costly. Employees going out on the road - and the employees sending them - may want to consider the tips offered by experts listed below. These might just help to get the amount being reimbursed to employees by way of expense reports decreasing significantly.

Multi-task whenever possible - it might just save you a trip in the future If you have any free time at all during a business trip, you can see if you can fill it with other work that will offer your employer a larger return on investment for the trip. For example, one seasoned business traveler spoke to about how they often meet with colleagues in the cities they he travels to on business - even if he wasn't traveling to the city for the sake of meeting those specific colleagues. If that's not possible, the individual advises that travelers visit family or friends instead - basically, he suggest travelers do anything possible to get the most value out of their trip.

"When you go on a trip, you want to pack as many stops in as possible to get the most out of the cost of your plane ticket," Nick Friedman, of moving company College Hunks Hauling Junk, told "If I'm going to D.C. for a conference, for example, I'll also stop in to check on our D.C. franchise, meet with potential vendors, and spend time with family and friends in the area. Pack your time efficiently to make every travel dollar count." Don't spend on meals if you don't have to

One of the biggest costs on any given expense report doesn't have to due with airfare, though - it's the total cost of all the meals eaten by a traveling employee during a business trip. So, if they're willing, employees would do well to eat inside their hotel instead of at their destination city's fanciest restaurant. "The big thing for me is to find a hotel that serves a good large breakfast," Steve VanDenAkker, an electronics installation technician, told USA Today. "I usually take a box of cereal or some yogurt back to the room for my night-time snack."

In fact, don't spend on anything if you don't have to Just as you can eat your dinners and other meals inside the hotel, you can also cut back on other factors to keep your costs low. This might me staying in one night instead of catching a big show, or it may mean aligning your flights so that you can stay one less night at your hotel than originally planned. However you cut your corners, the result - a lower overall trip cost on your expense reports - will be worth it.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Expense Management Software and Customer Satisfaction Reviews

A company cannot survive without the support of its loyal employees. As a result, numerous firms frequently collect vendor satisfaction reviews so they can bolster their efficiency and provide dependable support to their work teams. With Certify SpendSmart, a business can get the most out of its expense reports by collecting customer happiness ratings and reviews over an extended period of time. This platform makes it easy to rank vendors, as employees can complete an optional survey whenever they submit expense materials.

Making informed decisions In the corporate world, smart business leaders can help their firms for years to come. These officials understand the challenges of the global economy and will take steps to ensure that team members are able to complete everyday tasks around the world.

Certify is perfect for companies that want to highlight their businesses' goals and values to workers. Because a firm might employ team members worldwide, this company can give employees access to first-rate expense reporting tools whenever they need them.

Using Certify can have both instant and long-lasting effects on businesses of all sizes. By incorporating this solution into its everyday operations, a company allows workers to send error-free expense reports to their superiors at any time. Meanwhile, a business can receive customer reviews from employees, which can help it make informed decisions about airlines, hotels and other travel costs in the future.

Boosting employee satisfaction levels A company that keeps its workers happy could reap the rewards of a productive staff. This firm may be able to boost its employee satisfaction and retention rates as well, thanks in part to this state-of-the-art platform. Employee feedback is usually valuable for organizations around the globe, particularly in today's challenging economic climate. As more firms search for top talent, company leaders who take steps to ensure that team members receive first-rate support at all times could help their businesses extend their reach. Forbes contributor Steve Cooper points out that happy workers commonly help their employers earn more money. If a business invests in world-class expense reporting software, it may be able to improve its employee satisfaction levels and increase its profits.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Defining Costumer Happiness at Certify

Managing a certain business takes a lot of effort to make it successful especially in the world that is full of competition. Most of the business people in the market are using the technology as an aid every businesses that they have especially for those having the hard time in managing the expense reports that you have in the company.

Here at Certify, we have two words that define our company culture – Customer Happiness. Since 2008, our goal has been to end the pain of corporate expense reporting. It's not much of an exaggeration to say that for decades now the entire corporate world has been groaning in pain when it comes to expense reports. But we wanted to go beyond just "ending the pain." We wanted to use all technologies available to actually make the dreaded responsibility of expense reports become... fun!

At first glance, creating a system that transforms expense reports from pain to fun seems to be a technical exercise. By listening to our customers, it quickly becomes evident that a system is not worth much if the end users of the system are not happy with it. Whether we have spent time philosophizing about happiness or not, when we deliver a system and then enhance it based on user feedback, we start to make people happy.

In the fall of 2010, a friend gave me a copy of Tony Hsieh's book Delivering Happiness. This book and the Zappos story made a deep and lasting impression on me, and so many others. As soon as I finished the book, I bought 7 hardcover copies for Certify's senior leadership team. The book had the same effect on each of us, and we soon found time to break away as a team on a corporate retreat, to dream together and focus our collective passion.

One of the central points in Delivering Happiness is that we all have to be ourselves. We cannot just imitate Zappos and magically become successful. During an annual corporate retreat back in 2011, we realized something special, even astounding to us. Since the first production release of Certify, we used to take time each month to focus on end user feature requests, questions, and complaints. Each month we would pore over lots of feedback we had received from all communication channels. These sessions were painful because it was like looking in the mirror the first thing in the morning and seeing all our faults at once! But we simply could not allow ourselves to focus on building nifty new features while we knew there were some end users grumbling as they used Certify. We felt the need to "clear the decks" by resolving every known bug and valid complaint possible. This was the only way that we could move forward and build new things with a clear conscience. We gave this monthly routine a name – we called it making a "Customer Happiness Build."

As the months went by, we found ourselves actually starting to look forward to these Customer Happiness Builds. Our Support team would circle back with specific end users and inform them that their wish had been granted, or that their gripe had been heard and that the problem has been solved. Those users would be thrilled and express their feelings with exuberance. We found that our own satisfaction from delivering a Customer Happiness Build was just as deep, maybe even deeper, than delivering some cool new feature. We all came to the simultaneous and collective realization that our company culture has always been and should always be, "Customer Happiness!"