Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Expert to Tips Saving in your Business Trips

Even the biggest organizations have to pay close attention to the costs listed on their employee's expense reports. Corporate travel is an integral part of all successful business plans - but it can also be mighty costly. Employees going out on the road - and the employees sending them - may want to consider the tips offered by experts listed below. These might just help to get the amount being reimbursed to employees by way of expense reports decreasing significantly.

Multi-task whenever possible - it might just save you a trip in the future If you have any free time at all during a business trip, you can see if you can fill it with other work that will offer your employer a larger return on investment for the trip. For example, one seasoned business traveler spoke to about how they often meet with colleagues in the cities they he travels to on business - even if he wasn't traveling to the city for the sake of meeting those specific colleagues. If that's not possible, the individual advises that travelers visit family or friends instead - basically, he suggest travelers do anything possible to get the most value out of their trip.

"When you go on a trip, you want to pack as many stops in as possible to get the most out of the cost of your plane ticket," Nick Friedman, of moving company College Hunks Hauling Junk, told "If I'm going to D.C. for a conference, for example, I'll also stop in to check on our D.C. franchise, meet with potential vendors, and spend time with family and friends in the area. Pack your time efficiently to make every travel dollar count." Don't spend on meals if you don't have to

One of the biggest costs on any given expense report doesn't have to due with airfare, though - it's the total cost of all the meals eaten by a traveling employee during a business trip. So, if they're willing, employees would do well to eat inside their hotel instead of at their destination city's fanciest restaurant. "The big thing for me is to find a hotel that serves a good large breakfast," Steve VanDenAkker, an electronics installation technician, told USA Today. "I usually take a box of cereal or some yogurt back to the room for my night-time snack."

In fact, don't spend on anything if you don't have to Just as you can eat your dinners and other meals inside the hotel, you can also cut back on other factors to keep your costs low. This might me staying in one night instead of catching a big show, or it may mean aligning your flights so that you can stay one less night at your hotel than originally planned. However you cut your corners, the result - a lower overall trip cost on your expense reports - will be worth it.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Expense Management Software and Customer Satisfaction Reviews

A company cannot survive without the support of its loyal employees. As a result, numerous firms frequently collect vendor satisfaction reviews so they can bolster their efficiency and provide dependable support to their work teams. With Certify SpendSmart, a business can get the most out of its expense reports by collecting customer happiness ratings and reviews over an extended period of time. This platform makes it easy to rank vendors, as employees can complete an optional survey whenever they submit expense materials.

Making informed decisions In the corporate world, smart business leaders can help their firms for years to come. These officials understand the challenges of the global economy and will take steps to ensure that team members are able to complete everyday tasks around the world.

Certify is perfect for companies that want to highlight their businesses' goals and values to workers. Because a firm might employ team members worldwide, this company can give employees access to first-rate expense reporting tools whenever they need them.

Using Certify can have both instant and long-lasting effects on businesses of all sizes. By incorporating this solution into its everyday operations, a company allows workers to send error-free expense reports to their superiors at any time. Meanwhile, a business can receive customer reviews from employees, which can help it make informed decisions about airlines, hotels and other travel costs in the future.

Boosting employee satisfaction levels A company that keeps its workers happy could reap the rewards of a productive staff. This firm may be able to boost its employee satisfaction and retention rates as well, thanks in part to this state-of-the-art platform. Employee feedback is usually valuable for organizations around the globe, particularly in today's challenging economic climate. As more firms search for top talent, company leaders who take steps to ensure that team members receive first-rate support at all times could help their businesses extend their reach. Forbes contributor Steve Cooper points out that happy workers commonly help their employers earn more money. If a business invests in world-class expense reporting software, it may be able to improve its employee satisfaction levels and increase its profits.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Defining Costumer Happiness at Certify

Managing a certain business takes a lot of effort to make it successful especially in the world that is full of competition. Most of the business people in the market are using the technology as an aid every businesses that they have especially for those having the hard time in managing the expense reports that you have in the company.

Here at Certify, we have two words that define our company culture – Customer Happiness. Since 2008, our goal has been to end the pain of corporate expense reporting. It's not much of an exaggeration to say that for decades now the entire corporate world has been groaning in pain when it comes to expense reports. But we wanted to go beyond just "ending the pain." We wanted to use all technologies available to actually make the dreaded responsibility of expense reports become... fun!

At first glance, creating a system that transforms expense reports from pain to fun seems to be a technical exercise. By listening to our customers, it quickly becomes evident that a system is not worth much if the end users of the system are not happy with it. Whether we have spent time philosophizing about happiness or not, when we deliver a system and then enhance it based on user feedback, we start to make people happy.

In the fall of 2010, a friend gave me a copy of Tony Hsieh's book Delivering Happiness. This book and the Zappos story made a deep and lasting impression on me, and so many others. As soon as I finished the book, I bought 7 hardcover copies for Certify's senior leadership team. The book had the same effect on each of us, and we soon found time to break away as a team on a corporate retreat, to dream together and focus our collective passion.

One of the central points in Delivering Happiness is that we all have to be ourselves. We cannot just imitate Zappos and magically become successful. During an annual corporate retreat back in 2011, we realized something special, even astounding to us. Since the first production release of Certify, we used to take time each month to focus on end user feature requests, questions, and complaints. Each month we would pore over lots of feedback we had received from all communication channels. These sessions were painful because it was like looking in the mirror the first thing in the morning and seeing all our faults at once! But we simply could not allow ourselves to focus on building nifty new features while we knew there were some end users grumbling as they used Certify. We felt the need to "clear the decks" by resolving every known bug and valid complaint possible. This was the only way that we could move forward and build new things with a clear conscience. We gave this monthly routine a name – we called it making a "Customer Happiness Build."

As the months went by, we found ourselves actually starting to look forward to these Customer Happiness Builds. Our Support team would circle back with specific end users and inform them that their wish had been granted, or that their gripe had been heard and that the problem has been solved. Those users would be thrilled and express their feelings with exuberance. We found that our own satisfaction from delivering a Customer Happiness Build was just as deep, maybe even deeper, than delivering some cool new feature. We all came to the simultaneous and collective realization that our company culture has always been and should always be, "Customer Happiness!"