Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eliminating Cold Calling Using Email Marketing

Cold calling is the marketing process of approaching prospective customers or clients typically via telephone, by email or through making a connection on a social network who were not expecting such an interaction. The word "cold" is used because the person receiving the call is not expecting a call or has not specifically asked to be contacted by a sales person. A cold call is usually the start of a sales process generally known as telemarketing.

Here are some things to know to eliminate cold calling using your email marketing.

1. Avoid being self-promotional You may think the purpose of a pre-call email is to educate the prospect about your company and services. It's not. Overly-promotional messages which simply sound like spam only serve to create anxiety for the prospect. Oftentimes the less you say about yourself the more a prospect wants to talk to you.

2. Create familiarity in the messages Instead of telling a prospect about your company, tell him what you know about his company or industry. Do you know about a trend or current challenge? Are you working with similar companies? If so, let him know in the first sentence of your email.
/br> 3. CC everyone involved Your response rate will be 500% greater when you email more than one person inside the account. If you're targeting a CFO, cc other managers who may also be involved in the decision, such as a COO, CEO or even VP of HR.

4. Send more than one email Repetition is the key to success in email marketing and pre-call campaigns. In our testing, the first email a salesperson sends will achieve an open rate of about 20%. However, when we follow up with a second email 2 days later, this email has an open rate of 48%! 5. Have the right call-to-action (CTO)

Are you asking your prospect to schedule a meeting with you? Visit your website? Request a demo? There are several different CTOs we could ask for. Generally, you only want to ask for one. More than this could confuse the prospect. You'll also want to test various CTOs to see which one generates the best response. For example, there are times when driving prospects to an online demo before asking them for an appointment generates a better response than directly asking them for an appointment in an email.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Ways in Automating your Lead Generation

If you have noticed the state of the economy of today maybe your company had the budget cut in your company. On the other hand to make easier for you to generate the leads automation is the best thing that you should do that makes you saving you both time and money. Here is some of the best way you could use email in creating the automated lead generation for your company.

Create a Lead Capture Form on Your Website

You probably have a "contact us" page on your website, but there are better ways to gather contact information from your web visitors. Give them the option to download a free white paper, recorded webinar or ebook in exchange for their contact info. Once they submit their info, you can use an Email Marketing System to automatically send follow-up email over the next several weeks. These follow-up messages should provide more tips and tools that they'll find useful.

Qualify Prospects Who Attended Tradeshows or Webinars

Create A Lead Nurturing Campaign

Identify the inactive leads that your sales force has given up on calling. Create a series of "value-added" emails you can send over the next 12-18 months. Each email should include articles, white papers, industry trends or other information that the prospects will find useful. This type of campaign is generally more conversational and less formal than a typical company newsletter. After every set of 3-4 emails, you can also include a promotional message about your services or a success story about another client.

Create a Cross-Selling Campaign

Your existing clients may be your best source of revenue right now. Create a cross selling campaign by segmenting your clients into groups based on the types of products or services they currently buy from you. Then, create a series of emails that show them how to get the most out of those services. In each message you can also mention other services they may find useful.

Develop An Online Training Program

Regardless of what you sell, you have knowledge and insights that could benefit your prospects and clients. Package that knowledge into some sort of free training program. Create a sequence of email messages that each contain a useful tip or idea. Schedule each email to go out daily. Then, offer this free course on your website and allow people to sign up by submitting their contact information. Your email marketing system will automatically send them each email course over the next several days. At the end of the course, the last email could ask them if they would like to schedule a call with a Sales Rep.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Good thing to look for Lead Generation Software

The face of online marketing is evolving. To be good lead generation software, you have to think outside the box. Good lead generation software has an edge over their competitors because they keep their contacts current, find leads first, and target using the most effective online marketing technology.

An email list that never goes stale. If you are a company that relies on repeat business for your product or service, treat these leads like gold. Provide special offers, newsletters, and track your opt-ins, opt-outs, and click through. However, a good email list isn't the end to all means in marketing.

The more potential customers you can reach the better. Your email list may get stale after a while. You want to build your business with people that are looking for you with their credit card in their hand. Try visiting lead sources where potential clients are asking questions or placing ads for your service or product.

You also want to look for lead generation that keeps you off the spam lists. Nothing will get you a bad reputation like the spam button. Easy to manage. This entails much more than lead "nurturing" software. You need software that does more than manage your current clients and keep your schedule; you need one that helps you find new clients and saves you time.

Software that generates the leads for you. It really doesn't get easier than this. There are lead generators out there designed to go directly to all the lead sources online and extract the clients that are looking for your product or service. Let's face it; you need something more than software that manages the leads you already have.

The real value is in generating prospective leads with a high conversion rate. There is lead generator software out there that will look up a particular key phrase for you and turn out hundreds of brand new leads in a matter of seconds. You can filter your search by country, state, city, or town.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Explained Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software is a computer application which allows users to send bulk emails to their targeted recipients. The software is of great advantage to businesses that want to send newsletters or promotions out to a list of service subscribers.

Typically, the software is made up of a database which stores all of the recipients contact details, campaign statistics and message history. The price of the software varies greatly, but some of the companies that provide it allow customers to pay a monthly fee. The software can benefit businesses in a number of ways, speeding up the process of direct marketing; the software also has the facility to send personalized emails to customers and other recipients.

Email marketing is free, which makes it an ideal way for companies to promote them and communicate with people. The software also allows businesses to have access to tools that provide track delivery and provide reports on the most visited areas of the website following the email.The most common features of email marketing software are that they offer the ability to create and send personalized emails, using information taken from the customer database. The software has the ability to track who opened the email and when. It also has reporting features which tell whether any of the emails bounce back and it can also generate a report on which links are clicked.

The software can be used to import customer lists and can deal with any requests to unsubscribe from the service. Most importantly for some businesses the software can let companies know exactly how many customers purchased something from their website, as a direct result of the email being sent.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How Email Marketing Software Transforms Your Business

By quickly responding to the needs of your prospects and using the right words in your message will surely make your business more prosperous. These visitors will come back to buy from you again and again. Software makes the job easier and easier every time, automation is the key to success in any business. The object is to have your software do what it will take 50 people to perform in an office environment.

Bulk emailing software many times returns some bad links which can stack up against you if you don't take quick action. Many software packages will let you know what links are defective and sometimes will delete them automatically. But proper etiquette will let you review the links and also let the source know they have a "dead one". Spamming rules will offer the customers with the option of unsubscribing from a list if they wish, and the list should not try to insist in convincing the person to stay, but at a later time you could send a survey to find out what did that person dislike and maybe improve the website with the feedback.

Software was designed to take a load off you and let you perform some tedious and enormous jobs. Email marketing software can make the categorizing of your list so much simple and manageable. By running several campaigns at once you will be able to figure out what is working and what is not. By getting the necessary feedback from your software, you will have the right data to make the needed changes to your website and that way create more business. Don't ever underestimate the power of comments especially when it's coming from your prospects.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Email Marketing Solution for your Business

In the recent study most of the business today is making their business to be part of the online world. Since the internet plays a big role today in the every aspect of our life especially in the business and in the other fields in the society.  Since most of the businesses today used the internet as the new way in their business to find other prospects in the other part of the world.   In reaching out the other people in the world sounds to be so hard to do but  think it again today there are so many things that we can used especially with the internet and software. Email marketing software is one of the most common thing that most of the business companies that are using today to find more prospects all over the world. One of the best example that  one of my friend talking to me is the Buzzbuillderpro one of the newest company online that are  making your business ups  with the new and  latest prospects. 

So how the email marketing software changes the way in your business?
BuzzBuilder provides both salespeople and marketers an automated way to find qualified prospects and engage impossible-to-reach executives without the hassle of relentless cold calling.

Use Email Marketing To Drive Inbound Leads
 Nurture Existing Prospects Who Aren't Ready To Buy
  Track Prospects & Follow-Up When They Show Interest