Monday, September 29, 2014

Learn More about the Executive Dashboard

Certify has been making some changes and one of our biggest and most recent is Executive Dashboard! Created specifically for those with Manager, Executive, and Accountant roles within Certify, Executive Dashboard shows you expense management performance data in the form of colorful charts that automatically refresh every day, giving you the most up to date information for your organization. If you want more detail, you can always simply click on any chart to see the underlying report data.

If you haven’t seen this new feature yet, simply log into your Certify account. On the upper right side of your account homescreen you will see that Analytics has replaced Reports. Click Analytics and you will be taken to the Analytics and Reporting page. In the Dashboards section at the top of the page, click Enterprise Dashboard. On the Enterprise Dashboard page, you will see several performance charts that show activity for the past 90 days. The performance chart analytics that you can review are as follows:

Top 5 Expense Categories This chart displays information for processed expenses that were approved with an expense date within the last 90 days. (Managers will only see information for expenses that they approved.) Only the top 5 categories with the highest amounts are shown. Clicking on the chart will open the Expenses by Category report, which is searchable by expense date.

Expenses by Expense Type. This chart displays information for processed expenses that were approved with an expense date within the last 90 days. (Managers will only see information for expenses that they approved.) This chart includes all expense types. Clicking on the chart will open the Expenses by Category report, which is searchable by expense date.

My Team’s Top 5 Employees. This chart displays information for processed expense reports that have an approval code with and expense date within the last 90 days. Expenses that were approved by the person viewing the chart are the only expenses shown, and only the top 5 employees with the highest amounts are shown. Clicking on the chart will open My Team’s Export Reports report, which is searchable by expense date.

Expense Accrual by Expense Status. This chart displays information for expenses that have not been processed and imported expenses that have not been tied to an expense report with their expense date within the last 90 days. This chart includes all expense statuses. Clicking on the chart will open the Expense Report Accruals report, which is searchable by expense date.

Expense Report Statistics. This chart displays information for all expense reports that have been created, reimbursed, and processed within the past 90 days. Clicking on the chart will open the Expense Report Statistics report.

Average Days Submit to Process. This chart displays the average number of days it has taken for expense reports to be submitted and processed within the past 90 days. Clicking on the chart will open the Expense Report Statistics report.

No need to create pesky charts and graphs to display expense information at a glance – Certify’s new Enterprise Dashboard feature provides pertinent information pulled from our comprehensive reports in a colorful and easy-to-understand visual presentation.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mobile Reporting the Era of Reporting

Through so many years a lot of businesses have their own problem in the firm and somehow sometimes it is the reason why most of the businesses can’t stand out in the market that they belong. We can’t deny the fact that today the competition in the market are getting intense and every detail in you business firm must need to have a full focused with it. Since managing a business takes a big effort to do of the enter team of the business and it makes the technology to be part of it.

Technology innovation like the phones plays a big role in our daily life not only for the people that having a business but yet to the every one of us. For those people in the business world the mobile is very essential especially for those on the trip or in the field work. Mobile is really a big important thing in the life of the person in the business world. Due to the enhancements of the technology at the market it makes every life easier and faster. For those people in the business mobile phones are a power full tool especially in managing expenses. When you are on the go most of the time the company shoulders on the expense that you have but without the proper way of making your expense reports seems you are on the hard time with it. Expense reporting is a crucial thing that the every employee must need to since most of the it is very required that the employee must need to do an expense reports after the trip that they had.

Today you don’t need to be stressed up after your trip but rather you can make you report in the right time with the use of your mobile you can make your reports in the right time without the hassle in time and you have you report in the right time. Today most of the business people are making the best as technology part of their success in the business world.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Importance of effective corporate expense management

Managing your business expenditure effectively to reduce costs, save money, and increase efficiency isn't a job to be taken lightly. Since effective expenditure management can result in improved service delivery, you should look for solutions that offer an innovative approach to increase corporate accountability, reduce risk, and ensure that clients' results meet their expectations.

In the present era of increased shareholder accountability, regulatory oversight, and risk management, you need a reliable corporate expense management solution that lets you make critical decisions based on proven processes, useful business insights, and sound business principles. This is where business expense software can help.

Be it streamlining the complete expense report life cycle, or creating and exporting approved expense report data and other such tasks, such software can complete all these processes and do much more with a few clicks. Another good news is that you won't need any knowledge of accounting principles to get the job done as such software to manage business expenses are developed by experts who have decades of real world experience in managing complex corporate service functions.

Whether you own a small business or a big enterprise, you will need to simplify your daily tasks, and keep your clients happy. A software for business expense management can make common tasks faster and easier by automating them. Starting from selling and bookkeeping to other complex tasks like creating expense reports offline and while on the go, getting expense reports approved, analyzing corporate spending, and making multi-currency purchases, such solutions can let you handle all these and much more.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

An Attested and Effective Method of Expense Reporting

Travel and entertainment expenses are a huge expense and are just about the most considerable controllable cost pools at most businesses, second to salaries. While these expenses have always been subject to management programs and computerization, disputes within travel and expense management processes have come under rising scrutiny for many reasons.

The surging cost of business travel makes expense management solutions necessary for the profitableness of a business. As the cost of travel services, including transportation, boarding, and travel agency fees, persist in climbing, and a larger number of employees are traveling for yearly business trips, these expenses are draining capital from businesses. Keeping track of traveling costs has also become even more of a nuisance. Paper-based procedures always maintain their own complications. Companies that continue to use paper or spreadsheets rather than expense reporting software or apps face the depleting and inefficient tedium of logging, approving or denying, and ultimately auditing expense reports.

The practice of fraudulating travel and entertainment expense reports is arguably now commonplace; everyone knows the anecdotes of corporate abuse. A scarcity of just checks and balances and control actions make travel related expenses wide open to employee fraud. Paper and spreadsheet expense reports are especially a cinch to make up. Furthermore this procedure is costly; the everyday cost of manually processing an expense report is over $35; accrued over a few months between various employees, these costs end up becoming thousands of dollars worth of fees. These towering prices restrict the financial gains these trips may else ways yield. Impaired spending visibility and a lack of control over said spending creates delayed and erroneous visibility into travel-related expenses, which should add up to employee compliance with corporate travel practices and any other company practices. Without this information, corporations are unable to accurately consolidate travel and entertainment expenses and are so incapable of more effectively negotiating suppliers.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Webinars and Webcasts for the Modern Day Accounting Professional

We here at Certify love to host webinars, because we know that knowledge is best shared in a conversation. Webinars provide an in depth learning tool that allows any modern day professional to learn in an active conversation, while teaching others tips and tricks of the trade.

But more than any other professional occupation the accounting and finance profession benefits the most from webinars and web casts. CFO’s, controllers and accounting professionals are listening along and learning more about new management techniques and technology while also taking care of all other the other many responsibilities on their plate. With such a large number of webinars, podcasts, infographics, whitepapers, and other resources available, it’s hard to decide which will be beneficial and which are just rehashed information.

As you well know, the modern day professional’s most precious resource is time so trying to sift through an internet’s worth of resources can distract from many other duties.

What's Next? Internal and External Reporting Solutions for Today and Tomorrow by IBM IBM is a definitely a household name, so as you would expect, their informative live webcasts have been a big help to every industry across the globe. This webcast goes over how to manage big expense data and how manual expense processes are some of the biggest pain points for accounting professionals.

For any professional, who interested in current technology and familiar with the frustrations is of excel based solutions, this will provide a great deal of insight to your organization. Leveraging New Technology to Simplify Expense Report Management by Certify

If you don’t know Certify, this up and coming company has produced webinars for a wide variety of finance and accounting professionals for the past couple of years. They also provide one of the most highly rated expense management tools out there. The webinar itself is a top-tier primer for finance and accounting professionals looking for success and growth through technology. This webinar features Bob Neveu, who has well-rounded experience in of wide variety of business development processes, as he discusses the necessity of cloud-based solutions and the overall technology shift in the travel and expense industry.

Accounting Best Practices continues to be one of the most popular accounting podcasts with over a collective million downloads.The benefits of a podcast vs. a webinar is that you have smaller chunks of information that can be digested in multiples or during a quick break from your regular tasks. Each and every episode is a small journey into the daily life of an accountant, making light of the everyday complications of simple tasks and bringing insight and simplicity to the complicated concepts. Anyone from the 5 Year CFO to an entry level associate can benefit greatly from the enlightening discussions by Steve Bragg.

Mastering the Financial Forecast to Drive Predictability and Growth Stephanie Baccam is a leader in the Accounting industry, and with good reason too. She has helped build a system for effective forecasting, a method that can be adapted to any industry. This webinar talks more in depth about how she and Neil Khan from Prophix Software used technology for effective data mining and scenario analysis.

It’s A Matter of Trust: How to Put Your Clients on the Right Path to Technology by Accounting Today Accounting Today has a plethora of resources for those in the Accounting and Finance profession. Their webcasts and podcasts are especially informative for those wanting to learn the latest trends and new methods for expense management.

This webinar features SMB technology mastermind David Adler, who talks about cloud technology and its ability to help small businesses save money while growing their business. He conveys very simply the benefits of cloud technology, not just for CFOs but applicable to all levels of management.