Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Expense Reporting Software for On the Go Employee

Most of the businesses today have their own way in how to manage the business that they have it is commonly known as the strategic plan to make the business that they have even more visible to clients that they have. Since the modern technology invades the new world that we have many things takes. A change such as the use of the technology in our society and they plays a big part into it. For example, Certify is a cloud-based mobile platform designed to assist workers who need to track their expenses. This solution may help team members save time, and a business could noticeably reduce its operating costs by providing workers with an intuitive system they can use to submit expense reports at any time.

Expense reports can be problematic for on-the-go staff members Reuters points out that lost receipts and corporate credit cards are major problems that can negatively affect workers and their employers. While businesses may give team members credit cards they can use to make purchases when they travel, companies could encounter problems if staff members ignore expense reports.

However, Certify is a user-friendly platform that helps eliminate many expense reporting issues that companies may have dealt with in the past. This system uses a simple process that enables businesses to streamline their expense reports, making it much easier for firms to track their operating costs.

How does Certify's reporting process work? Many employees enjoy Certify because the software is fast and easy to manage. On-the-go workers can snap photos of receipts using their smartphones or camera-enabled tablets, and the platform automatically creates an expense report for each staff member. Meanwhile, employees can instantly submit expense reports to managers, who can quickly review and approve them.

Certify is also perfect for companies that have corporate policies they want to enforce regularly. Because Certify immediately notifies workers if specific expenses fall outside of a policy, these employees can make corrections before reports are submitted to supervisors. This quality expense reporting solution identifies red flags such as duplicate expenses or missing receipts, ensuring that team members submit accurate, timely materials consistently. Additionally, expense reporting software is worthwhile for firms of all sizes. The high-tech system is scalable, enabling big and small organizations to benefit.

Friday, May 24, 2013

How to Improve your Business Using Email Marketing Software

Marketing your products and services is never an easy task so you need to use all the necessary means you can to do so. Every entrepreneur knows how powerful the Internet can be when it comes to selling or promoting their products and services. However, only a few possess the skill of making the most out of that kind of technology. You, too, can do this with the help of email marketing software.

What is it? It is used for managing mailing lists and for sending promotional and marketing emails to your large group of clients. Usually designed for mass emails, it is used by online businesses for promoting their products. This is a great cost-effective tool because you can save on expensive advertising costs.

You can choose from a desktop email or a hosted ASP email marketing software. The desktop software gives you complete control on all the marketing strategies for your email. However, it requires necessary computer hardware to successfully set up your email marketing campaign, it can be expensive, and it requires a large initial investment. Still, its advantages include subscriber privacy and it can send unlimited number of emails to groups and recipients, which allows you to build a clientele without any limitations.

The hosted ASP software provides limited control over the marketing strategies. With this, you invest in a web host for delivery of certain number of emails to specific recipients and clients. Although less expensive, its subscription and membership fees increases as the list grows. However, it requires little maintenance on your part because the host performs the back-end maintenance.

Eliminating Manual Data Entry with Certify

When it comes to reports accountants are responsible with it. Most of the accountants are dealing with the stacks of expense reports every month and that could be a lot of data to be handle all the time and sometimes if you are doing it manually error and misinterpretation cannot be avoided.

The employee might have entered the wrong department code or placed data in the wrong column. Monday's dinner is included with Tuesday's breakfast and accounting has to try and clean it up. The VP of Sales keeps spending 50 percent over the limit on dinner, and thinks he is somehow above the rules. Somebody's got to call the guy to discuss it, and finance sure doesn't want to do it.

That's what Certify does. Using our innovative ReceiptParse technology, several methods of electronic receipt capture, intuitive workflow wizards and automatic processes, an employee can upload receipt images and have the system create a report for them. Here’s how:

Certify auto-fills details for each expense in the online form from the electronic receipt. Certify flags any items that violate company T&E policies, such as missing receipts based on company-defined receipt requirement thresholds, reports submitted too late or items exceeding spending limits.

Managers and accountants can then handle any policy violations more objectively. A simple comment next to the item will usually suffice: "Sorry Michael, the system says this isn't allowed. Please review our policies, thanks!"

And those pesky little departmental and extended general ledger codes? Certify stores employee data in the system and adds it to the expense report, allowing employees and managers to specify values linking expenses to projects, customers, prospects, and more. Accountants are no longer reviewing and cross-checking every line item, but finally have time to manage exceptions. Should we let that missing receipt slide? Should we give this employee a warning about his repeated policy violations? Should we reimburse this chronic offender for only the approved expense amount?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why is Sunshine Act compliance software is helpful?

An innovative expense reporting solution delivers myriad benefits to drug and medical device manufacturers. Within short periods of time, these businesses can track and submit expense reports relating to how much they provided to physicians and teaching hospitals. Software to track physician payments is valuable to companies because the system helps firms save time and money. Additionally, the platform offers on-the-go functionality, and users can enter data into their smartphones and tablets to develop first-rate reports. Sunshine Act reporting software also enables drug and medical device providers to track expenses by using specific criteria. The solution is dynamic and allows users to enter expense categories, dates and other details to ensure Sunshine Act compliance.

A web-based system provides instant access to expense reports at any time, which further boost the solution's value to drug and medical device manufacturers. It is easy to use and has National Provider Identifier (NPI) functionality to help users generate federally required reports without delay.

In short periods of time, managers can find physicians, link multiple medical professionals to a single expense and complete first-rate reports thanks to top-notch Sunshine Act reporting software. With an NPI database that is updated monthly, users can get up-to-the-minute reports on physician payments and secure their data to comply with Sunshine Act provisions.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trying Email Marketing Software for your Business

There are a number of reasons one should use email marketing software to promote a business, find potential new customers and increase sales. Features included in these software programs are signup forms, auto responder, publishing systems, and tracking systems. All features needed to run a successful email campaign, and not included in personal email. When running a business, time is of the essence. The time it takes to send email to clients and potential new clients is enormous when using a personal email.

Most personal email will allow included images, but the time it takes to do this is long and sometimes difficult. Many personal emails have a limit on the size of downloaded images, and depending on the size of the advertisements, a personal email many not be appropriate. With email marketing software, templates and designs are available to make your business email appealing to the potential customer. Email marketing software can make this process quick and easy. Businesses are designed to make a profit, and sending out flyers and advertisements through the regular mail is exceedingly costly. Using a software program can save hundreds of dollars. These email marketing software programs also have a tracking system, relaying information such as when the email is opened to the final transaction of the customer. Email marketing software also tracks the email and can create do no send lists for those not looking or responding to the email. This gives the business owner valuable information as to know how the email campaign is working.

Tracking is just not available when using a personal email. Email is instant; if sending material that is time sensitive, this method is perfect for getting the information to customers quickly. Getting potential customers to visit your site is priority number one, giving them a look at offered products in an email will increase new sales. Some email marketing software also includes adding a share button to your emails, where the customer can share your information on Facebook and Twitter. This can be monumental to your business as both websites have millions of members. Creating newsletters and a Face book page are also available with some software programs. News letters can be sent out en mass on a monthly or weekly basis depending on what the business owner prefers. Investing in a complete email marketing software program is a smart business decision. Decreasing the time spent on advertising and increasing the time spent on other aspects of your business is well worth the investment.

Staying in your Budget with your Expense Tracking

To increase a business' net income, managers do not only look into increasing the total sales but also into the expenses in the daily operations. Since most expenses involve cash flow, managers would like to minimize expenses as much as possible so that the cash saved can be used for more important transactions, which in turn generate more money for the company. Companies usually have expense budgets for the year, which is evaluated every year-end. For a company that is cost-conscious, having an expense tracking system will truly be helpful so that the company will only be able to spend for expenses that are within its budget.

Today, it is more convenient to look for an affordable expense tracking system that will suit the company's needs. There are several affordable and comprehensive software's that can manage and track the expenses of employees. There are systems that are completely web-based and can be set-up as an in-house solution. To run the software, all you have to have is a browser.

There are administration functions that will make it easier to set-up expense accounts and customize the expense form. Within the system is a spreadsheet style form where employees will enter their expense reports. Every kind of expense is monitored separately. The items can be changed, following a customized list of business rules, which checks that the policies are used.

Many companies have already resorted to automating the process of their expense management. Manual documentation of business costs can be costly to the business since some may be forgotten or improperly recorded, or wrongly deducted.

There are several benefits in having the system. First, you will be able to monitor if the running total of your expenses is still within the budgeted expenses for the year. You will also be able to see what expense line items are greater than others. Second, there is audit protection since the system will assist in maintain tax-compliant records. You will be sure that you will only pay your just share of taxes, no more, no less. Third, the company will be able to save time in terms of its manpower since the monitoring of expenses will no longer be as time consuming. The system helps in error reduction through eliminating human errors that come with manual computations.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Advantages in Using Email Marketing in Your Business

Email marketing software is a computer application that is capable of sending bulk emails to the targeted audiences. It consists of a database which stores the history of messages, contact information and campaign statistics. The features provided by the interface are contact importing, reporting, contact entry and message sending. You can speed up the process of direct marketing by sending personalized messages to a potential customer. A scheduler that is included in most of the email marketing software sends emails automatically. This software can be used in business to make communication more professional.

Most of the email marketing software contains templates to send attractive emails. It also has tracking functions to know how many mails are opened by people, how many are visited the hyperlinks in the marketing message, how many people purchased the products as a result of email and how many mails are bounced-back. It is found that HTML emails increase sales and because of this most of the email marketers want to have HTML format. Many of these software’s are coming with HTML format which is easy for any user and quick to compose.

The software provides effectiveness to the email marketing campaigns by going in to smallest details. This software enables the small business to stay in touch with past customers and motivates them to return back for purchases again and again. Now-a-days, many businesses are using the power of email marketing software to market their products. This software helps you to send email messages to your past customers at frequent intervals so that your brand name is remembered by the consumers. Use this software to provide special discounts for your past customers and there by generate sales. Anything is possible, if a businessperson have the right software with him. Email marketing software sends email news alerts and email newsletters to the subscribers.

Friday, May 3, 2013

How Expense Management Changes your Business Flow

Making your business stands in the market it takes a lot of time to maintain it and maintaining it is hard time for you since there are so many competitions in the market that is going on. One of the big questions that marks in the every kind of business is how will you stand your business in the outside word if you are having the problem in the company. It only means that being organize in the inside operation of the company is one of the big factor to change the company outlook that you have. One of the big example is in making your reports or processing it how do you make it? Do you still doing it in the manual ways? If you are making it in the manual way one of the big problem is making your reports especially in the time of the deadline but most of the time the errors that we can’t avoid human errors are the primary thing that we must need to be aware of it. This errors cause you to another problem the inconsistent of the report and time consuming to make it again.

Since we are living in the world of technology there are so many things that we can use such as software applications to make our expense reporting easier and faster. Most of the company today rely on this kinds of software the expense management software because it has the best way in managing your expenses in the easy way. Since it is an automated way of reporting you can assure that it is easy and human error free automating the creation of the expense report for the employee, providing online review and approval process for managers, and streamlining the processing and reimbursement process for accountants.

Cloud based mobile solution Paperless process Full Automation Scalable to fit all Organizations