Monday, March 30, 2015

Certify Named Leading Expense Management Tool

Earlier this month, business software review site, G2 Crowd published a report ranking the 11 most popular expense management tools. Included in the report is The Grid, factoring in user satisfaction scores and market presence to place vendors into four quadrants: contenders, niche, high performers and leaders.

To become a category leader, a software platform must have high customer satisfaction ratings and substantial market presence. Across all expense management platforms, Certify ranked #1 for user satisfaction and the #2 leading platform in the space: our 4.7 out of 5-star rating illustrates the user-friendliness of the product, and our 98 user satisfaction score speaks highly of our Customer Happiness department.

We’re ecstatic to be named an expense management leader on G2 Crowd, and even more excited by our customers’ happiness with our software. So, we’d like to say a resounding “thank you” to our users for providing valuable feedback and helping us continue to improve Certify!

Handle expense claims faster with expense tracking software

Effective budget planning for your business begins with assessing your current spending habits and understanding how you spend your money. To do this successfully, you will need to track your expenditure. A key element of managing your spending includes dealing with T&E expenditure claims made by employees.

For any company, managing expense claims manually would be nothing short of a tedious task for. The entire process includes reviewing lots of vouchers meticulously, cross checking receipts, making entries correctly, computing and getting approvals etc. Since all these steps, if done manually, are prone to errors, companies these days use expense tracking software. These are automated systems that take care of all the aspects involved in expense reimbursements and claims.

To begin with, you can enjoy greater compliance and control by using expense management software. By streamlining the complete expense claims process with high focus on accuracy, cost savings, data integrity, time efficiency and policy compliance, such software can make life easier for sure. You and your managers can easily use smart phones, mobile devices, or a web-browser to use such software and easily evaluate, process, approve, and audit expense claims. By providing you with more control and visibility into your business expenses, such software can let you benefit the following way:

• Increase your T&E policy compliance • Reduce the cost of each expense claim • Decrease the employee reimbursement cycle time

Expense reimbursement is another aspect, which often takes a lot of time. However, with software for expense management, you can make the process faster and simpler. Once an expense report gets approved for payment, such software can automatically compute the funds to be reimbursed, and withdraw the correct reimbursement amount from the designated bank account, after which the same gets transferred into the bank account of the particular employee. This way, you can enjoy one of the easiest, safest, and fastest ways to reimburse claims.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Reducing Business Cost Using Expense Software

All over the world, there are a large number of companies. There are many companies which are not limited to one nation when it comes to doing business. Globalization has helped organizations to expand their business without any geographical boundaries. Companies are spending a lot of money in making sure that their offices are built in a lavish manner, their products are superior to others, their employees get the best remuneration etc. Any organization which is making an investment without any hope for return will sooner or later suffer from financial crunch; in most cases.

What is required on the part of every organization is that they need to have control on their expenses. Inflation is rising in various parts of the world. In such times, the cost of production increases and it becomes very difficult for companies to make desired amount of profit. Also, companies cannot cut down their fixed costs like expenditure on phone calls, electricity bills etc. In order to ensure that an organization has control on its expenses, various kinds of software have been developed by various software development companies.

Here, we are going to tell you about the famous business online expense management, which has helped a large number of organizations in keeping a track of the expenses which have been made by them on their employees. Various kinds of bonuses and other incentives are given to employees these days so that they stay happy and satisfied. The business expense software is that software which helps companies to keep a record of all the expenses which they are making on various employees. Employees keep on claiming various kinds of benefits and incentives time to time from their organizations. If organizations do not keep a record of claims made and paid to their employees then they will not be able to know which employees have taken the claims due to them and which have not. It is the task of expense reporting software to enable employees of an organization to make their claims online by filling simple forms. These forms are then automatically processed by the software and claims of the employees are settled.

Organizations save themselves from the inconvenience of processing the applications of various kinds of claims which are made by the employees; with the help of expense reporting software. It is very important for large organizations to have expenses tracking software so that they can keep an eye on the trend of expenses made by them on their employees.

With the help of expenses tracking software, different kinds of charts and graphs related to the expenses made by organizations on their employees in a certain period of time; can be checked. By doing this, the management gets to know whether it is incurring more than required money on its employees or not. By controlling expenses, any organization can maximize its profit. All expenses cannot be curbed to the fullest but they can surely be controlled.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Time Saving Expense Report Software

Businesses are meant for making profit and contribute something towards the betterment of the society. If it were not the businessmen then it would have never been possible for the world to reach where it has reached today. Every business needs to be managed in such a manner that it makes a lot of profit and incurs minimum cost while making its stakeholders happy. If you are an employee of a company then you know how you can claim various kinds of expenses from your company.

The business of business is to do business and nothing else. This means that business should concentrate on its core activities and it should try to reduce the time which it spends on other activities. For this purpose, outsourcing of work has come in to the scene. So many software and programs are used by businesses to save their time and money. You might have heard about expense report software if you are associated with a company in any manner. Expense report software is used for tracking the claims which are made by the employees of organizations.

This software is used by a large number of companies at present. There are a large number of advantages of using this software. First, the time required for saving the data related to the claims made by various employees is saved. The software does this task automatically. Second, when less people are required to manage the expenses which are to be done on the employees then the money of the company is also saved. Third, when the work of keeping the record of employee expenses is done by the software then there is no chance of any kind of mistake. When there is no mistake in the record of expenses done on employees then the company saves itself from confusion. By using software for keeping a record of employee expenses, a company would also be able to do online expenses management. This means that the employees of the organization would be able to access the expense management software from anywhere with the help of internet. They can put their claims online in the database of the organization with the help of such software. There are a large number of benefits of online expenses management. Due to this, the employees of the organization would feel satisfied because they will be able to get their claims as soon as possible.

It is also easy to track travel expenses with the help of software for tracking employee expenses. Companies need to ensure that their employees are happy and satisfied because employee satisfaction is indispensable for the success of any organization. At present, almost all the companies are making all kinds of efforts to make their employees happy. With the help of the software for keeping a track of expenses claimed by employees, companies would also be able to track saas travel expenses. Many companies which have used this software are happy with its results.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Product Update Even Small Town Loves Certify

Recently, a few dedicated Certify users brought to our attention instances of incomplete receipt image uploads from Certify Mobile. During our most recent Customer Happiness build, we took the time to fully investigate the situation.

In due diligence, the Product Development department found that a very small number of receipts were having image upload issues. For example, one in every 30,000 receipts—and in some instances, we filtered through 250,000 successful receipts without a trace of the problem.

The sheer volume of receipts made tracking down the source of the problem quite difficult. Using all known evidence about the issue and some statistical analysis, the Product Development wizards engineered a real-time safety check on all receipts when they are synchronized from Certify Mobile. If the final receipt image does not match, Certify Mobile cancels the partial or corrupt receipt image and tries again the next time the user taps the Sync button.

Upon analyzing the test results, we found something interesting. The incomplete receipt issue seems to have happened in what could be considered rural areas, perhaps where mobile phone connectivity is spotty. Let it be known that Certify has resolved the problem and continues to make on-the-go expense reporting a breeze in towns of all sizes, including:

El Campo, Texas Altoona, Pennsylvania Iowa City, Iowa Canton, Illinois Uniontown, Alabama

Our goal is to provide topnotch customer support while combating technical issues, so you don’t have to.

Friday, March 6, 2015

The New Era of Expense Reporting

Today technology is emerging so fast in our life today and every aspects of our life technology is always in their just like in the world of business there are always the one that are having the benefit from it all the time. Today lot o f businesses things are getting better and faster in managing paper works and this is why most of the businesses companies trust it. Today a lot of businesses are making a big help from the technology one of the things that should a company keeping an eye are the expenses of the company.

Expenses plays the big part of every business firm that is why without the proper way of managing the expenses the company finances will lead into disaster. Expenses in the certain firm not only focusing inside expenses but we should also consider the outside expenses of the firm. Don’t forget for the employee’s expenses especially for those goes for a business travel. Sometimes the firm just ignores the necessary information about the travel which is not supposed to be they also be careful in sending their employee into the business travel. Every employee must need to meet the needs of the company after the business trips especially to submit their business expense reports together with the other important documents such as the receipts.

Tracking and reporting expenses becomes very easy because the expense reporting software automates the entire expense reporting process. For a larger organization that has incorporated the expense reporting software, there are larger benefits. The online expense reporting process is an automated way of filing, approving, and reimbursing expenses. With the online expense reporting software, larger organizations can save up to 40% on savings on expense reporting costs. Top level management can get a clearer picture of the spending trends of their employees and take strategic decisions when there are abnormal trends. Managers who are in charge of enforcing expense policies find the online expense reporting software helpful to enforce the expense policies.