Monday, October 14, 2013

Easing your Hassle on Business Trip

Traveling for a business needs you a lot of time and preparation for the upcoming business travel venture that you have all you must need is your full attention in your trip. Admit it or not traveling is one of the hassle thing that you might encounter in the business firm that you have. Some of the company today are enhancing the services that they have using different kinds of software in your company to make thing easier and faster.

Travel Management With Certify Your end-to-end travel booking solution built to simplify corporate travel for both the employee and the manager while providing low rates on airfare, hotels and rental vehicles.

Pre-trip notifications

View seating before booking

Enforce policy with travel restrictions

Integrated expense reporting solution

Apply unused ticket price to future bookings

Online Booking is Simple

Upon login the system knows who you are, your frequent flyer numbers, travel preferences and importantly, your company's policies. Searching for flights, hotels and car rentals is quick and best of all, always compliant with your travel policy. If you've got an unused ticket, the system automatically recognizes that credit and applies it to your next flight. If you're stuck in an airport trying to rebook a flight, simply open our partner’s TripCase mobile app and presto: your alternate flights options are all on the screen, no lines necessary. Pick one, call the airline, and get moving. Certify was developed with the idea that corporate travel can be easy, really.

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