Friday, July 11, 2014

Use Expense Management Software to Sync Receipts on Mobile Devices

Company leaders frequently enjoy the support they receive from mobile apps. These intuitive solutions make it easier for business officials to be productive on the go, and quality platforms are ideal for company administrators to manage everyday tasks remotely.

In today's highly competitive marketplace, companies must complete tasks quickly. Falling behind can cause problems, even for major corporations, and may result in short- and long-term issues. Thankfully, top-notch mobile apps are readily available to company leaders, such as expense reporting solutions that enable business administrators to go paperless. In fact, expense management software can have far-flung effects on a company and help a firm bolster its efficiency in a short period of time.

Why is expense management software ideal for firms of all sizes? Expense reporting apps are easy to use and have reliable features that make them top choices for big and small companies. With these intuitive platforms, business administrators can instantly recycle receipts and manage and track expenses without delay.

For example, Certify Mobile is an affordable, top-notch app that supports business leaders. The solution is user-friendly, and within seconds, company administrators can sync receipt and expense details for future reports.

To use Certify Mobile, company leaders can simply snap a photo of a receipt with a smartphone or camera-enabled tablet. Meanwhile, these officials are able to autofill expense data with Certify ReceiptParse, a cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind expense reporting solution. Certify ReceiptParse automatically extracts data and fills in the expense field, making it easier for business administrators to track data in real-time.

Additionally, company officials can take their time to review expense details and make changes if necessary. It is vital for business administrators to enter accurate data, especially when it comes to tracking expenses, and Certify ReceiptParse is ideal for company leaders who want to avoid costly mistakes.

The app also enables business administrators to sync their receipts and expense details with Certify Wallet, which stores and manages receipt images. Certify Wallet enables company leaders to view their expense reports at any time.

Business officials can even use Certify Mobile offline, and the mobile app is a cost-effective solution that delivers long-lasting value to companies. The next time a company official connects to the internet, all of the data that he or she entered while offline immediately syncs up to Certify.

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