Friday, March 13, 2015

Product Update Even Small Town Loves Certify

Recently, a few dedicated Certify users brought to our attention instances of incomplete receipt image uploads from Certify Mobile. During our most recent Customer Happiness build, we took the time to fully investigate the situation.

In due diligence, the Product Development department found that a very small number of receipts were having image upload issues. For example, one in every 30,000 receipts—and in some instances, we filtered through 250,000 successful receipts without a trace of the problem.

The sheer volume of receipts made tracking down the source of the problem quite difficult. Using all known evidence about the issue and some statistical analysis, the Product Development wizards engineered a real-time safety check on all receipts when they are synchronized from Certify Mobile. If the final receipt image does not match, Certify Mobile cancels the partial or corrupt receipt image and tries again the next time the user taps the Sync button.

Upon analyzing the test results, we found something interesting. The incomplete receipt issue seems to have happened in what could be considered rural areas, perhaps where mobile phone connectivity is spotty. Let it be known that Certify has resolved the problem and continues to make on-the-go expense reporting a breeze in towns of all sizes, including:

El Campo, Texas Altoona, Pennsylvania Iowa City, Iowa Canton, Illinois Uniontown, Alabama

Our goal is to provide topnotch customer support while combating technical issues, so you don’t have to.

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