Friday, June 12, 2015

Mobile Reporting in Different Languages only at Certify

If you are a current Certify customer, you may already know that Certify is available in 64 languages and 140+ currencies. But did you know that Certify Mobile also has multiple language capabilities? That’s right – Certify Mobile has gone even more global. You just read it right why struggling in using it when their is a language available in your country makes your mobile expense reporting understandable and easier.

Setup is easy for Certify Admins: simply designate the specific languages you would like to make available to your employee users. Then, once the configurations are complete and incorporated into your company’s Certify instance, the specific languages you configured will be made available to all of your users. Your users will see these language options in their “My Account” details page, and they can select their desired language when setting up their account for the first time. They can also change their preferred language at any time right from their “My Account” page. Language changes made in a Certify account are automatically reflected in the user’s Certify Mobile app. Want to see the Certify Mobile multiple language capability in action? Take a look at Certify Mobile in French below:

Any text added by the user will not be translated – it will remain in the original language that the text was entered in. For example, an employee can create an expense report with their language set to French, however, the approver can view the report with their language set to English. All Certify functionality will be in the language of the person viewing the report. Please note that expense categories and departments are necessarily static, remaining in the language in which they are originally created, regardless of the user’s language setting.

Combined with our existing international services – which includes automatic currency conversion and global mileage reimbursement rates – Certify Mobile with language capabilities enabled helps companies streamline their expense management by simplifying internal processes, consolidating formatting, and providing robust reporting tools.

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