Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Easy Ways to have A User Friendly Website

It is no surprise that the internet has become overcrowded and competitive. Some of the websites online are  having the hard time in organizing their websites in order to drag more traffic website design consultant is one that have the knowledge in designing your website  that can design what is the best for it. You have to be on top of your game to stand out and be successful, so probably the best thing to do is to give your site all the tools and tweaks it needs to achieve your big goals and help growing your business.

Speed it up

Today’s web visitors have short attention spans. Slow websites lose visitors like Jenny Craig loses weight. Google looks at page speed as well, so speed it up! There are many ways to do this. Simply do a quick Google search to find some tips. I’ll also be writing a post shortly about various ways to increase page speed, so stick around.

Prominent navigation

Web designers are getting really creative these days. This is great because of all the good design that is around, but sometimes designers try too hard to “break the mold” and they end up throwing out a lot of the marketing methodology behind site layout. Creative designs are awesome, hiding important things like page navigation is not. Keep it cool, but keep your marketing hat on too.

Site map

There are several advantages to using well organized sitemaps. It is great for the search engines when spidering your website to ensure they index all of your pages. It is also great for users that are looking for a specific page. They can browse your sitemap and find what they are looking for quickly and easily. I recommend that you organize your sitemap into categories.

Featuring a search bar on your site is a great way to help serve up relevant content to your users. If someone visits your site and is looking for something specific, all they have to do is a quick search and they are served up the content that matches their query. There is an analytics side to featuring a search bar as well. There are ways to track the searches made on your site so you can get a better understanding of what your website visitors are interested in.

Categorize your content

This seems like a no-brainier and from what I have seen, most websites do this well. Try to break your pages into categories and sub-categories as much as makes sense. Most web surfers are scanners and the faster you can help them find what they are looking for the better.
Check your links!

The last thing you want is someone browsing around your website and come to a screeching halt when they run into a broken link. It is unprofessional and avoidable. Check your site and have someone else double check it as well. We are all busy and broken links happen, I’m guilty of it and I’m sure you are too. Just try to make a conscious effort to get another pair of eyes on your site to help you find things like this.

Easy on the eyes

By now we can all agree that content is great for your website. With that being said, let your content be great by being easily seen and read. Make your content easy to read. Light gray text on white background may look cool, but could be hard to read. Pay attention to colors on black backgrounds as that can make you text difficult to read as well.

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