Friday, May 24, 2013

Eliminating Manual Data Entry with Certify

When it comes to reports accountants are responsible with it. Most of the accountants are dealing with the stacks of expense reports every month and that could be a lot of data to be handle all the time and sometimes if you are doing it manually error and misinterpretation cannot be avoided.

The employee might have entered the wrong department code or placed data in the wrong column. Monday's dinner is included with Tuesday's breakfast and accounting has to try and clean it up. The VP of Sales keeps spending 50 percent over the limit on dinner, and thinks he is somehow above the rules. Somebody's got to call the guy to discuss it, and finance sure doesn't want to do it.

That's what Certify does. Using our innovative ReceiptParse technology, several methods of electronic receipt capture, intuitive workflow wizards and automatic processes, an employee can upload receipt images and have the system create a report for them. Here’s how:

Certify auto-fills details for each expense in the online form from the electronic receipt. Certify flags any items that violate company T&E policies, such as missing receipts based on company-defined receipt requirement thresholds, reports submitted too late or items exceeding spending limits.

Managers and accountants can then handle any policy violations more objectively. A simple comment next to the item will usually suffice: "Sorry Michael, the system says this isn't allowed. Please review our policies, thanks!"

And those pesky little departmental and extended general ledger codes? Certify stores employee data in the system and adds it to the expense report, allowing employees and managers to specify values linking expenses to projects, customers, prospects, and more. Accountants are no longer reviewing and cross-checking every line item, but finally have time to manage exceptions. Should we let that missing receipt slide? Should we give this employee a warning about his repeated policy violations? Should we reimburse this chronic offender for only the approved expense amount?

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