Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cutting Edge of Technology Affects in Young Workers

Workers today and in the past have a big difference when it comes in the work that they have. If you have noticed today most of the workers uses different kinds of technology as the new aid in the society that they have. If you are managing a certain company today maybe you have noticed the things that in our society. The today's generation is way more different and most of the people of today are using different kinds of tools for the businesses that they have. it is so clear that the young employers of the company are aware of the different technology applications that can be used in the company which most of the young ones are know about.

If you like to think of your business as "old school," but want to bring in some new employees to help energize the place, you may run into some complications. Definitely mixing up your employee is one of the best experiment that you can have in your firm and who knows a lot more better in your market to make it more productive but not all business are relying with this kind of technique in the company to take over by the technology the manual way of doing things in the business and one of the thing that the business look after are managing expense reports that they have in the company. We can't deny the fact that every company have the hard time in managing all the expenses that they have good thing their is the touch of technology in our life today. A new study from CompTIA, a non-profit IT firm, discovered that while Generation Y workers are much more tech savvy than any prior generation, they also have high expectations in terms of technology in regards to their employers.

"Generation Y has been raised in technology and they consider their aptitude for tech as a value that they bring to the table when seeking a job ... an employer's tech 'savvy-ness' is very high on their checklist on whether to take a job or not," reported Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of the firm.

Roughly 75 percent of Generation Y workers used a smartphone for work purposes over the course of the past twelve month, compared to under 40 percent of baby boomers. Even for travel and expense coverage, younger workers are turning to their smartphones to help them do their jobs.

And it's up to their employers to sate their demand. New technology has allowed many paper-and-pencil applications to be digitized, but not all firms have been able to keep up. By employing concepts like wireless expense management, a manager can help elevate her or his company above the competition - and earn themselves a future full of worthwhile hires.

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