Friday, August 16, 2013

Mobile Innovations in Business World

Since the world today are living in the advance world the technology are putting a big stake in our life and so in the business world. Since in the time of computers and phones are being obsessed by the most people all over the world and being used by the business people and it change the business world that we have now and almost the life that we have makes a big impact. Imagine how the business of today makes a big step from the past especially in how they transform the entire operation using the cloud mobile technology in their business.

The cloud and the mobile plays a big part in our world today especially in the business. "Continuing developments in Cloud and Mobile, and the interplay of these technologies, is enabling new business models that take advantage of economies of scale," said said Gary Matuszak, global chair of the firm who commissioned the study. However, he continues, "The survey findings indicate that tech leaders are bullish on the power of these technologies to continue to fuel innovation in coming years and drive disruption in many industries." KPMG surveyed over 800 leading tech professionals to obtain their findings.

Other reports support his insinuations. The Center for Economic and Business Research in the UK recently found that the majority of medium-sized businesses were falling behind in terms of cloud adoption. And a report from Gartner, made public earlier this year, fully illustrates the potential revenue in the cloud business. According to their findings, public cloud services will top out at a cost of $131 billion this year. That illustrates a yearly increase of over 18 percent when compared with 2012.

According to KPMG, the 2nd most important factor enabling technology innovation, behind the availability of talent, is access to technology infrastructure. It was identified by over 69 percent of respondents as integral, demonstrating the need for easily-accessed cloud technologies.

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