Thursday, December 26, 2013

Reviewing what is automation is all about

Expense reports are necessary for businesses of all shapes and sizes. They're not only for the sake of reimbursing employees - they help managers to keep an eye on individual costs. Used properly, the study of internal expense reports can allow businesses the insight needed to create note-perfect budgets for future trips.

Unfortunately, the logging and creation of expense reports can be an extremely time-consuming task. Workers need to keep track of and organize all their receipts and expenditures, when they'd be better served using their time off-location to work. And sometimes, entire departments are needed to do the accounting required by a large selection of monthly employee expenditures.

Yet with Certify's expense report management software, you can escape the long hours needed to create, update and publish regular corporate expense reports. With Certify, your organization can go paperless - logging all of its costs into the cloud in real time, and having reports created via automated software.

Certify's ReportExecutive™ application automates the reports for entire companies. Managers select the date on which they want reports created and submitted, and the program does so automatically, submitting the final product to users for review and approval.

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