Monday, June 30, 2014

Be Thankful to Automated Expense Reporting

Having your employees file expense reports is necessary on a monthly basis, at least - but oh, what a hassle it is. Unless you use automated expense reporting, then this process is going to eat up hours upon hours of work time. Accountants have to cross-reference company policy and verify everything, employees have to organize all their documents and put together the report itself. There's a way all these processes can be done in a matter of moments - with automated expense reporting technology, like Certify. Here are five different things that Certify will eliminate on behalf of your business, should you make the decision to switch over to automated expense reporting.

No more receipts. Employees won't have to return home from their business trips with a folder full of receipts any longer. Our software allows for employees to simply take pictures of their receipts with a smartphone, and then upload those images into your company's cloud database, managed by Certify. Better yet, Certify will automatically analyze these receipts, and pull all of the necessary information off of them - and then use it to build the expense report itself for your employees. Next time they get a nice dinner during a business trip, they won't have to worry about forgetting to pocket the receipt on the way out.

No more spreadsheets, no more pen and paper. As a result, your employees won't have to build their expense reports via spreadsheet programs or pen and paper - it will all be done for them automatically. That allows for a complete elimination of all mistakes made due to data entry, first off. It also saves tons of time for both your employees and your accountants. That's time that they can now reinvest into your company, into tasks that more directly demand their expertise.

No more policy violations. Here's another problem that Certify wipes off the map completely: policy violations. These happen at every company that isn't using digital automated expense report software. An employee reports an expense for reimbursement that's a bit higher than the company likes or allows for, but they reimburse it anyway. These conflicts won't crop up with Certify: our system internalizes your company policy as soon as you implement it, and it will flag all costs reported by employees that violate that policy. Before any of your workers will be able to send an out-of-policy cost to the accounting team, our program will mark it and ask the employee to make an adjustment.

No more unexpected expenses at the end of the month. Another benefit offered by Certify is that managers and executives can watch costs as they occur, practically in real-time. As soon as the receipt image is uploaded to the database, those overseeing the company's account will have access to it. For smaller businesses, this can be an invaluable tool - you'll never again be caught off guard by a surprisingly large reimbursement need at the end of a business trip or month. Instead, you'll be able to see the large costs just as they occur, and then augment your strategy as is necessary as a result. No more hassle. At the end of the day, what Certify offers - more than any one specific feature - is endless convenience. All these features add up to an office where no complications ever occur regarding business trip costs, expense reports, or reimbursements. That'll make life easier for people at every single level of your company - and probably save you some money, too.

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