Thursday, June 26, 2014

Using Expense Management Software in Assisting Team Members

A company may hire team members worldwide, and each of these professionals could serve an important role within an organization. As such, employees might need to make purchases on the go, but there can sometimes be challenges that these workers could encounter.

For example, a business professional overseas may use a different currency to buy specific items. While these products are essential for this staff member to perform work, he or she may struggle if companies cannot account for various currencies in their expense reporting processes. Certify is incredibly valuable for international organizations because it enables them to handle multiple currencies with ease. This expense reporting solution provides real-time exchange rate calculations for 140 currencies, which makes it worthwhile for businesses that want to support team members around the globe.

An expense reporting solution that recognizes cultural preferences Each employee may have his or her own preferences for formatting numbers, entering dates or completing other procedures. With Certify, company leaders can streamline their expense reporting processes, making it easier for workers to interact with a system that uses familiar formatting. Certify automatically applies cultural preferences at the user level based on his or her browser settings. After a worker starts using the expense reporting software, he or she will not have to worry about configuring it. Instead, Certify acts quickly to adjust to each employee's preferences, which can reduce the amount of time it takes him or her to submit expense reports to a supervisor.

Expense reporting software that supports multiple languages A global organization may employ staff members who speak different languages. Team members could submit expense reports in their own languages as well, and thankfully, Certify is designed to help these business professionals.

By using Certify, workers can select a desired language when they set up their accounts. There are 64 languages to choose from, and the preferred language can be changed at any time.

Meanwhile, Certify's multiple language capability uses advanced machine language translation that further streamlines the expense reporting process for businesses. Each user can take advantage of the software to enhance automatic translations with specific localizations and develop quality expense reports at all times.

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