Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Webinars and Webcasts for the Modern Day Accounting Professional

We here at Certify love to host webinars, because we know that knowledge is best shared in a conversation. Webinars provide an in depth learning tool that allows any modern day professional to learn in an active conversation, while teaching others tips and tricks of the trade.

But more than any other professional occupation the accounting and finance profession benefits the most from webinars and web casts. CFO’s, controllers and accounting professionals are listening along and learning more about new management techniques and technology while also taking care of all other the other many responsibilities on their plate. With such a large number of webinars, podcasts, infographics, whitepapers, and other resources available, it’s hard to decide which will be beneficial and which are just rehashed information.

As you well know, the modern day professional’s most precious resource is time so trying to sift through an internet’s worth of resources can distract from many other duties.

What's Next? Internal and External Reporting Solutions for Today and Tomorrow by IBM IBM is a definitely a household name, so as you would expect, their informative live webcasts have been a big help to every industry across the globe. This webcast goes over how to manage big expense data and how manual expense processes are some of the biggest pain points for accounting professionals.

For any professional, who interested in current technology and familiar with the frustrations is of excel based solutions, this will provide a great deal of insight to your organization. Leveraging New Technology to Simplify Expense Report Management by Certify

If you don’t know Certify, this up and coming company has produced webinars for a wide variety of finance and accounting professionals for the past couple of years. They also provide one of the most highly rated expense management tools out there. The webinar itself is a top-tier primer for finance and accounting professionals looking for success and growth through technology. This webinar features Bob Neveu, who has well-rounded experience in of wide variety of business development processes, as he discusses the necessity of cloud-based solutions and the overall technology shift in the travel and expense industry.

Accounting Best Practices continues to be one of the most popular accounting podcasts with over a collective million downloads.The benefits of a podcast vs. a webinar is that you have smaller chunks of information that can be digested in multiples or during a quick break from your regular tasks. Each and every episode is a small journey into the daily life of an accountant, making light of the everyday complications of simple tasks and bringing insight and simplicity to the complicated concepts. Anyone from the 5 Year CFO to an entry level associate can benefit greatly from the enlightening discussions by Steve Bragg.

Mastering the Financial Forecast to Drive Predictability and Growth Stephanie Baccam is a leader in the Accounting industry, and with good reason too. She has helped build a system for effective forecasting, a method that can be adapted to any industry. This webinar talks more in depth about how she and Neil Khan from Prophix Software used technology for effective data mining and scenario analysis.

It’s A Matter of Trust: How to Put Your Clients on the Right Path to Technology by Accounting Today Accounting Today has a plethora of resources for those in the Accounting and Finance profession. Their webcasts and podcasts are especially informative for those wanting to learn the latest trends and new methods for expense management.

This webinar features SMB technology mastermind David Adler, who talks about cloud technology and its ability to help small businesses save money while growing their business. He conveys very simply the benefits of cloud technology, not just for CFOs but applicable to all levels of management.

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