Friday, August 29, 2014

Use Certify Mobile in Your Business

The business world is a fast-changing place. Information and communication technology is continually setting the pace. New advances in technology are changing the way everyone works. Not only at the desk, where more can be done in a day, in less time than ever before, but also on the road and away from the office.

The Need for Mobile An increasing number of businesses are recognizing the need for mobile data solutions. Typically, there are two options:

A hosted exchange solution where everything is managed for you and your people. All you see are the messages, email basic messages, data, reports, and content that are delivered to your PC or mobile online device as part of your hosting agreement.

According to a number of different polls, not only are tablet and other hand-held gadget purchases proliferating, but so is the average amount of time that people spend on them, whether it's talking to a friend or colleague, reading emails or playing the latest game app during down time.

But if smartphone technology are used almost as much for business as they are for pleasure, which is why it would be worth your while to supply your workers with the Certify Mobile App.

What's so great about Certify mobile? Quite simply, it allows you and/or your workers to track receipts and expenses that the company incurs from anywhere at any time - even when you don't have Internet access.

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