Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Key Things to Have in Business Travel Management

Business travel is a necessary requirement for proliferation and expansion but the associated expenses are a matter of great concern as it can consume a major chunk of your budget. You require an efficient travel expense management process that provides improved controls and lowers the costs and lead times effectively. A streamlined process for the management of business travel expenses provides opportunities to deliver leveraged performances and improved customer satisfaction. Here are some key components of travel expense management that you have to consider:

* Process Management Capabilities
 The business travel expense management process should be flexible so that they can be customized to meet specific requirements of your business. You should have an efficient workflow to manage the trips right from the booking stage till the generation of expense reports. The process should also provide configuration facilities based on the company and country's special rules and regulations for better management of allowances and reimbursements.

* Tools to Facilitate the End-Users 
The business expense management process should employ simple and flexible tools for hassle-free profile information maintenance, for making bookings, for reporting expenses, reconciliation of invoices and a gamut of other functions. The tools have to be adept at master data management to facilitate follow-ups and reporting efficiently.

* Master Data management 
The enforcement of an automated process is necessary to maintain the individual accounts as well as the organizational hierarchy. The master data management process should provide the facility of updating the traveler's profile from their back-end systems and sharing it with the business process network so that a single and correct master data is shared and a high level of accuracy is achieved.

* Business Process Network 
The business travel management process should provide a platform to connect easily with the providers in your process network such as travel agencies, hotels, taxi companies, airlines, credit card companies and banks etc. It should ensure that that accurate information is circulated so that the travel management process is fulfilled satisfactorily.

* Monitoring Information for Improved Services
 The business travel expense management process has to be continuously updated through regular information monitoring for enhancing performances and delivering optimum services.

* A Secure Environment 
 The process is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment and helps you in choosing the level of service you require.

* Availing Third-Party Services
 The business travel expense management process should provide you the facility of benefiting from third-party services such as video conferencing and online currency conversions.

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