Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Explained Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software is a computer application which allows users to send bulk emails to their targeted recipients. The software is of great advantage to businesses that want to send newsletters or promotions out to a list of service subscribers.

Typically, the software is made up of a database which stores all of the recipients contact details, campaign statistics and message history. The price of the software varies greatly, but some of the companies that provide it allow customers to pay a monthly fee. The software can benefit businesses in a number of ways, speeding up the process of direct marketing; the software also has the facility to send personalized emails to customers and other recipients.

Email marketing is free, which makes it an ideal way for companies to promote them and communicate with people. The software also allows businesses to have access to tools that provide track delivery and provide reports on the most visited areas of the website following the email.The most common features of email marketing software are that they offer the ability to create and send personalized emails, using information taken from the customer database. The software has the ability to track who opened the email and when. It also has reporting features which tell whether any of the emails bounce back and it can also generate a report on which links are clicked.

The software can be used to import customer lists and can deal with any requests to unsubscribe from the service. Most importantly for some businesses the software can let companies know exactly how many customers purchased something from their website, as a direct result of the email being sent.

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