Monday, February 25, 2013

Ways in Automating your Lead Generation

If you have noticed the state of the economy of today maybe your company had the budget cut in your company. On the other hand to make easier for you to generate the leads automation is the best thing that you should do that makes you saving you both time and money. Here is some of the best way you could use email in creating the automated lead generation for your company.

Create a Lead Capture Form on Your Website

You probably have a "contact us" page on your website, but there are better ways to gather contact information from your web visitors. Give them the option to download a free white paper, recorded webinar or ebook in exchange for their contact info. Once they submit their info, you can use an Email Marketing System to automatically send follow-up email over the next several weeks. These follow-up messages should provide more tips and tools that they'll find useful.

Qualify Prospects Who Attended Tradeshows or Webinars

Create A Lead Nurturing Campaign

Identify the inactive leads that your sales force has given up on calling. Create a series of "value-added" emails you can send over the next 12-18 months. Each email should include articles, white papers, industry trends or other information that the prospects will find useful. This type of campaign is generally more conversational and less formal than a typical company newsletter. After every set of 3-4 emails, you can also include a promotional message about your services or a success story about another client.

Create a Cross-Selling Campaign

Your existing clients may be your best source of revenue right now. Create a cross selling campaign by segmenting your clients into groups based on the types of products or services they currently buy from you. Then, create a series of emails that show them how to get the most out of those services. In each message you can also mention other services they may find useful.

Develop An Online Training Program

Regardless of what you sell, you have knowledge and insights that could benefit your prospects and clients. Package that knowledge into some sort of free training program. Create a sequence of email messages that each contain a useful tip or idea. Schedule each email to go out daily. Then, offer this free course on your website and allow people to sign up by submitting their contact information. Your email marketing system will automatically send them each email course over the next several days. At the end of the course, the last email could ask them if they would like to schedule a call with a Sales Rep.

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