Sunday, April 14, 2013

Advertising Impressions in Social Media Just for Free

Traffic one of the word that most of the business people online are want for the more traffic that you have and it is the best for your site. In order to drag more traffic in your site some of them goes for advertising online but it cost so much and it is easy to spends you a ton of cash.

When it comes to the marketing the best term ever is free. Definitely you pay if you can get it for free, why you turn your back from advertising and branding at social medias. They are today most popular website and everyday millions of people or checking their accounts try to select Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Like Google Adwords, these sites offer a pay-per-click option, which means you only pay them when someone clicks on your ad. However, they're a lot different from Google in one way: hardly anyone ever clicks on their ads. When was the last time you went on Facebook to look for a product? This happens with a Google search but not with most other social media sites.

You can leverage this low, low click-through in your lead marketing efforts and it's a simple process. Here's how:

Create an ad that has nothing more than your logo, company name, and a 4-5 word description of your services. This is great for branding. Using this method, I placed an ad for BuzzBuilder and it got over 65,000 impressions, which means more than 65,000 people took a mental picture of my logo and company name. Only 2 people clicked on my ad and it cost me a whopping $1.30. So it wasn't completely free but I'm not complaining.

When it comes to the technique branding is not just generate leads immediately but in the other hand branding is the best way to know your site is trusted and it only needs a few touch so that it will be finally notice and with your brand name it clients will back for you and it is called returning visitor.

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