Monday, March 24, 2014

Paperless Reporting Certify makes it Possible For your Firm

When you are working in a company and over the past years most of the offices are stepping into becoming a paperless office. Employees all the time are sitting in front of their computer and doing the documents for days just to finished it for any purposes such as email it. Somehow today most of the companies are not feeling to have a printer in their offices because they want to be aware in the environment and more convenient maybe doing one of the department digitalize is just effective.

The expense reporting process doesn't have to require this much effort and input. You can go paperless with your expense reports the same way you have with most of your other inter-office communications, saving your team from having to reconcile and investigate costs by hand. Better yet, you can make your expense reporting process automated. With the management software offered by Certify, it's possible for employees to complete all the data entry necessary for logging expenditures in moments.

Having to keep records and file boxes full of torn or otherwise illegible paper receipts is a thing of the past. With Certify's automated expense report software, you can keep each pertinent document stored safely online. No receipt or note will ever go missing, and no cost will ever be in dispute again. Our program will save all the data and flag all the questionable expenses immediately, as soon as they're entered into the system.

There's another great benefit to automated expense report technology - it backs up all of your data and receipt images, ensuring that your company's financial records are protected against threats both physical and digital. Certify backs up everything related to each expense reported within your company, and our database will house this information for as long as you use our products.

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