Monday, March 31, 2014

Managing Travel Expenses Even the Vice President

If you think your business is facing extreme travel expense management challenges, then just be happy that none of your employees are vice president of the United States. It recently came to light that the man who does hold that office, Joe Biden, has been spending more than a pretty penny on his business travel ventures. According to CNN, Biden went to Europe on a brief trip, and his expenses were exorbitant. The bills included a whopping $585,000 for a one-night stay in Paris, $321,665 for a limousine company and $459,338.65 for a separate hotel booking in London. Biden himself was only in each town for one night, but he had a massive advance team traveling with him, renting 136 rooms for multiple evenings on the London leg of the tour. A spokesman for the State Department told CNN that these expenses were "nothing out of the ordinary" for a sitting vice president.

"They are in line with high-level travel across multiple administrations. The contract costs cover the entire range of support, including accommodations for military, communications, secret service staff and other support professionals," the department said in a statement.

All of this goes to show that everyone, whether a small business owner or the second most powerful man in America, is prone to making some questionable financial decisions sometimes. By using expense reporting software, everyone can keep better tabs on his or her expenditures, possibly preventing such incidents of overspending in the future.

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