Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Travel Efficiency is Essential to a Business' Success

The businesses of America have spoken yet again, and they've reported that business travel is still incredibly important to their ongoing success.

According to a recent Expedia survey, more than half of all U.S. organizations believe that business travel is very important to their company's success. American businesses spent more than $266 billion on business travel last year, according to the report, illustrating just how much organization in this country are investing in sending their employees out on the road.

However, these businesses aren't resting on their laurels - they're trying to improve the way they manage business travel. According to the Expedia report, 75 percent of respondents noted that the No. 1 factor they consider when booking business travel is whether or not they'll be getting the most value possible on their investment. Almost 70 percent also reported they put value in an "easy booking process," and 65 percent volunteered that low prices are most important to them.

"Expedia has long been committed to helping small businesses save money and maximize rewards when traveling for work," said Eleanor Bradley, Director of Small Business Travel at

Another way to make business travel more efficient is to implement automated expense reporting technology. When employees can use mobile-based programs, like Certify, to log their expense costs, they're saving time on their business trips because they don't need to maintain and organize a folder full of receipts and expense data. This allows them to get more value out of their business trips by affording themselves more time to work. Automated expense reporting technology helps to improve efficiency- allowing businesses a way to improve their travel process, as they so clearly are interested in doing.

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