Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Making Employee Reporting Easier Everywhere

Business leaders always are looking for tools and options that make the job easier, not only for them, but also for their employees. This is why it is important to make sure that employees who are often on the go have an ability to stay connected to their work and needs back in the office. In this day and age, nearly everyone is connected through phones, email and social media, and sending important information quickly is crucial to a solid business plan. This is why many businesses may need to look at ways to ensure that their payments are compiled in a manner this is both accurate and avoids taking up too much time.

When trying to ensure all business expenses are covered, checking out Certify mobile may help solve all of the problems that a company has. This is due to the ability for accurate, paperless receipt options, which will not only make employees and executives have an easier time, but also improve work productivity for accountants, which could be groundbreaking for the firm.

Using Certify Mobile is easy When trying to make automated expense reporting easier, businesses may see significant improvements by implementing Certify Mobile. There are some quick steps that an employee can take to ensure that the information is accurately implemented in the business' expense report.

First, have the employee take a photo of the receipt on their phone, and then utilize the Certify ReceiptParse option to fill in all of the expense information automatically. When the information is uploaded to the app, it is possible to scan through all of the expense information and make any necessary corrections. At that point, the employee can sync it with the Certify Wallet option, so that everything will be all set for the next expense report that comes along.

Being online isn't necessary While most employees who are out of the office will be checking in frequently, there are always situations where they may have an issue with connectivity, or they may just be unable to send their work in. With Certify Mobile, this isn't a problem. They can still do everything they need on their phone, and when the time comes where they have a reliable connection again, they can send it in for an automatic update. This can be a great way to ensure that nothing is left out, and all items will be compiled into later expense reports.

While people previously held onto every receipt they received while doing business, this isn't something that is necessary any longer. Employees now have the ability where their receipt information will be stored in the Certify Digital Wallet. This can be great when wanting to examine the expenses later on, and just check up on past progress. All of this is saved for all parties to view, which can make the process much easier, and much more attractive for all involved.

How to get Certify Mobile A Great thing about Certify Mobile is how easy it is to get started. Tell your employees to visit the app's website, and just hit the download button. The app is also available on many phone's app stores. It doesn't matter what type of mobile device a person has, they will likely be covered by this program. Certify Mobile is available for iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows Phone 7 and even BlackBerry. This can make using the app easy for everyone, as they will always be connected to their expense reports when out of the office.

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