Friday, August 8, 2014

How ReportExecutive Makes Expense Reporting Easy

Certify has plenty of options that make receipt processing easier, while still helping keep track of past expenses. One of these options is the ReportExecutive option, which will create expense reports for every aspect of the company. This can be an invaluable tool for executives, managers, accountants and even team leaders, as it will help accurately display financial figures that many people may typically go through more arduous processes to find.

With ReportExecutive, you have an accounting tool that will make everything easier. This has a number of options that can streamline the work related to keeping track of purchases and compiling receipt data. Meanwhile, there are many ways to continue to build diverse tracking options of expenses in a multitude of ways.

Expense reporting is a breeze. One of the most valuable aspects of the ReportExecutive option is the ability to create and schedule automated expense reporting. This can work for the entire company, compiling all of the data available. This is done by taking all of the receipts that are saved in the Certify Wallet, and transferring them into a bigger report. The company has the luxury of having emails sent to all parties to inform them of the expense report's progress and allowing approvals during this time.

The scheduling for these programs can be quite dynamic, as you can create monthly reports at any point, bump it up to bi-monthly or even weekly. With many choices, this program can form-fit to any situation that the company has, giving those who need the information.

Scheduling for these expense reports can be useful, as they actually have some dynamic aspects. There can be a company-wide option, which will give employees a deadline to submit their receipts, providing a concrete period to compile the necessary results. However, there is also an option to create schedules that will help employees get the work done on their own time.

Mobile options can help significantly. Certify has a mobile app that employees can download right to their phones, which will help ensure that the receipts are accurately added to the expense report. This is through the Certify ReceiptParse option, which allows employees to take pictures of their receipts while out of the office right on their phone. The data on the receipts are then added to the system and sent to the main report. This is a quick process, and it can help employees get their information to their superiors in a timely manner, without having to crunch numbers themselves.

Scheduling can prevent missed opportunities. Certify's program allows managers to send automated messages to their employees regarding business expenses so that no one will ever miss a submission. The software gives administrators the opportunity to set timers to give emails to those employees on the go who may need an extra push to get their information in on time. It isn't necessary to use these options, but depending on the business structure, it can be a significant help.

Once the time comes to submit a request before the deadline, employees have an ability to look at the expenses they created in the program. This will not only give them a line item option, but also every corresponding receipt picture. This can be great for those who want to feel more confident that they accomplished what their workplace asked for. Administrators can then approve the report once the employee checks their work for errors, and the documents will be put into the greater expense report. The process may help businesses change the way they work, which can make everyone's job easier.

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